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Thanks to the Swannies in the Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 8, 2009

The Vietnam Swans can hold their heads high after the Indochina Cup a fortnight ago.

Last week, National President, Phil “Fabbo” Johns sent the following email to those Swannies who played in the Indochina Cup in Bangkok.

Hi Indochina Cup Tourers

Well, each of us were there when it mattered last week in Bangkok when the Vietnam Swans played in the 3rd Annual Indochina Cup. Thanks to everyone on the tour.

The Swannies have had an amazing year this year – because we have guys who contribute on and off the field and make it happen. Apart from the home matches, this year, we have played 4 away matches (Kanchanaburi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok) which makes us a very active Club in the region.

Special mentions I would like to make are:

  • Sam Conroy – 1st International tour
  • Josh Little – 1st International tour
  • The Juke Box (Derrin’s mate) – Visitor’s first match for the Swannies
  • Jeremy (Rhys’ mate) – Visitor’s first match for the Swannies

Welcome to the international tour to each of you and I trust that you had a sensational time that will ensure that you become active members and tourers of the Swannies. For the two visitors, Juke Box and Jeremy, great to have you join us.

A particularly special mention to:

  • Scott Beasley, a Swannie who previously lived in Saigon
  • Rhys Stephens, a Swannie who previously lived in Saigon

It is a great reflection on the Club that these two guys, who helped build the Club, would want to set their holidays around a Swannies footy match. Testament to the power of our Club’s culture, prior to last Saturday, there was only a handful of faces that these two guys knew from when they were playing. Their presence was gold and, as expected, the way that the current generation of players made them feel so welcome was awesome. Hopefully, we will see a growing number of ex players returning for the occasional tour.


Greg “Stanno” from Hanoi who was on his his first ever international tour for the Swannies. Fantastic to see Stanno there keeping the Hanoi link alive (with Paul Schwedt) and dominating both on and off the field. In addition, we need to wish Stanno a big congratulations because, earlier in the week, he was elected Coach of Hanoi. Fantastic effort, Stanno. You will be gold in that position. (a separate email will go out shortly announcing Willy’s election to the President’s position in Hanoi (congratulations, Willy!) following Potsy’s relocation to Saigon).

Great effort by everyone.

Saigon Shooters Netball Team

And finally, congratulations to our committee member, Fleur, who did such a stunning job with firing up the Saigon Shooters netball team for such a massively successful tour. Awesome effort.

See below for photos and Angry’s post match report.

Well done Swannies. Again.


2 Responses to “Thanks to the Swannies in the Indochina Cup”

  1. Rhys said

    A great time had by Jez and I, thanks very much.
    Though Jez missed all the post match festivities and ended up in Bangkok Hosptial for 4 days with food poisoning!
    One question though: What’s Duke Box’s real name?

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