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MJ reflects on the 2012 Asian Champs

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 14, 2012

Micky J talks about the 2012 Asian Champs. Photo, Mark Stennett Photography, 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match.

Micky “MJ” Johnston tells us what he was thinking as he walked to his plane after this year’s Asian Champs in Thailand.

As I headed down to Gate F1 at Bangkok International Airport to board the plane back to Ha Noi, I had a spring in my step.

It wasn’t because I’d managed to get through Saturday only having to give DO’Sh(ea) one lot of sunscreen, or emerged from the Fines Session with my reputation relatively intact, but because I’m part of the best footy club in Asia and, probably, the world.

When we started touring as the Swans and playing Championships, we looked up to other teams.  Now, they’re looking up to us.

The beauty of a team sport is that it is forever welcoming of people who have a go and unforgiving of those who don’t pull their weight, regardless of physical attributes or skill. If Aussie Rules wasn’t a team sport, I’d have given up in despair a half century ago.

We did ourselves proud at the Asian Champs.

Newcomers to the game, and those who haven’t played for awhile, were especially crucial to our success.  The one or two kicks, marks, tackles, shepherds or knock-ons that come from having a go were just as important as the “hangers” and 50-metre goals that finish off the hard work.

There is nothing better than picking yourself up from the ground after shovelling the ball out from a pack and watching it heading towards your goal (well, perhaps being 10 metres in the clear with an open goal in front of you and deciding there’s enough time to take a bounce is more rewarding, but you know what I mean, eh?!).

It was the ability of everyone to put in 100 per cent all day that prompted a number of people to comment on how strong a TEAM we fielded on Saturday.

Seeing past players coming back to have an ale with us and wearing their Swannies’ shirts was another indication of what a great bunch of people we have off the field as well.

Some people from our 2012 Asian Champs teams will not be with us in 2013, but they will always be honkin’.

Thanks everyone.

3 Responses to “MJ reflects on the 2012 Asian Champs”

  1. Dane Swannie said

    MJ – I miss your helmet mate and even more your sheer beauty..

    Go you Swannies!!

  2. Jane & Colin Enright said

    What a great article – short but full of so much thought and sentiment. We are so proud and grateful that Adrian has been part of this outstanding TEAM both on and off the field. Through your website we too have enjoyed your activities and cheered you on from South Coast NSW. Go Swannies indeed!

  3. JD said

    well said MickyJ – for those who were there in the beginnings what has happened over the last few years seemed like “the impossible” not long ago – when I left in 2008 I never thought the Swannies would be dishing it up to Singapore, etc. WIsh I could have been there to have a coldie with you guys – the club is bigger than the individual – GO SWANNIES!

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