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    Saigon, Hanoi, Hoi AnSeptember 27th, 2014
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Princess Project Update from Swannies Patrons – Ron & Ailsa Vernon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on October 7, 2014

Swans Patrons Ron & Ailsa give an update after their recent trip to Vietnam. Great to see Swans sponsors Lagler Australia (Mr Cameron Luke) also supporting this very worthwhile cause.

How good is to to be a Swannie helping the community!  

Recently we have returned from an unscheduled visit to Vung Tau. It was as productive and rewarding as it was unplanned. The weather was really pleasant most of the time with a few big storms to remind us of the onset of the wet season.

All children were still in their school holiday period so we did manage to see all of the children at the P Centre and happy to say all is going really well. We met a number of people who we were able to introduce to the Centre and who were happy to make a donation of either money or resources. At first people find it all a bit confronting but are usually won over very quickly by the children who just love to have visitors especially if they are children too.

We had two special requests to carry out this time and it was such a privilege and joy to be able to carry out the wishes of the two gentlemen concerned. Shoes and school books for all children at Long Hai School for the new school year were received by the children very enthusiastically. One little seven year old boy in the Special Needs class was so happy and when asked about it, replied “I am so happy. I have new shoes. Tomorrow I will get married!” My Huong’s cousin and personal assistant, My did a fantastic job in getting all the sizes and buying the shoes as well as the school books and supplies. 

The other gift was of three wheelchairs which, first of all, we had to find needy recipients and to then source the wheelchairs. Through information from Sr Trish Franklin of Loretto in Saigon, we were able to do both. We now have a contact in Vung Tau and a shop to purchase from. The recipients were all polio victims, two whom sell lucky tickets on the street and one who repairs electrical appliances at home. They were all so very grateful that somebody cares for them.

Kim Thu, the lady for whom we contributed to her mobility scooter, is so touched by the kindness she has received she is taking instruction to become a Catholic. She will be baptised in the Church at Vung Tau just before Christmas. She now has faith that she is being cared for.

It was school vacation when we visited Long Hai to deliver shoes but there were children doing activities, the Special Needs children don’t do holidays and the trade classes continue through holidays. In the sewing room there were bundles and bundles of school uniforms which were being made, two for each child from fabric donated by Lagler Australia.

The overhead cover is completed and sporting equipment donated by Vietnam Swans is now being used at Long Hai and teachers are so happy to have somewhere outside to be able to escape the heat of classrooms. A qualified Australian man has been at the school setting up the sports program as well as running swimming lessons in Vung Tau for P Centre children.

Ngo Quyen Centre is nearing completion and it would seem there will be accommodation for a lot more children than what we have at present. Only time will tell there. The children should be in this Centre by the time the students from BCHS visit next April. It is a very impressive looking campus with lots of area for children to play outside safely.

We cannot express how humble we feel to be trusted and able to do what we are doing on behalf of all who support the project financially, materially and with their prayers.

Again, thank you for your interest and support of this project.

Ron and Ailsa

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