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EAAFL Match Preview: Malaysian Warriors Vs Vietnam Swans. By Damo Judd.

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 28, 2013

Damo Judd, pictured here in Cambodia for the Australia Day match this year, previews this coming weekend’s match against the Malaysian Warriors in KL.

Damo Judd, the recipient of the inaugural Sponor a Swannie program which was offered this time by Drift Photography Tours, reviews this weekend’s match between the Malaysian Warriors and Vietnam Swans in KL.

Last time the Swans faced the Malaysian Warriors we WON…. just.

Then, it was the 2012 Asian Champs, and our impenetrable backline was to thank for stopping a relentless assault from their midfield in the second half of the match.  Now it’s on their home turf and we are missing three of our all-star defenders. To highlight how serious this game is we are putting the boots back on our National President the Silver Fox who we have been resting for it seems like years for a game such as this. The Fox is famous for delivering the signature “toe poke” 6 pointer at key strategic moments.

For those of you who live your Swannies games through the lens of “Drift Photography Tours” mastermind, Mark Stennet. It’s my duty to warn you that there will be a few less award winning action photos this time as we need Mark in the forward pocket. Don’t be disappointed; next time just book a ticket and join us live. Mark’s contributions go far beyond his trigger finger. Mark is an ideas man, Not only is he a key reason we even have the “East Asian Australian Football League”,  Drift Photography is responsible for our very first officially “Sponsored Touring Player” which I have the honor of receiving and a duty to continue the legacy.

So what can we expect and what’s it going to take to put some points on the board for our second game in the newly formed Asian football league?  The last few days the “Spotted Cow” was turned into a war room. Strategies were flying from every angle tamed by our inspirational coach Andy who instilled some back to basics rules that  we can actually remember.

Billy for once has official instruction to be “Loose”…. That instruction is strictly for on field performance. Speaking of awesome “Loose” players, Evan Koch will be there on the sidelines and threatening not to play. Any of you who have his email, show him some love and remind him of his duty as a Sworn in Swannie.

We are welcoming first time Tourer, “New Josh” who is rushing back from OZ by throwing him in the deep. Josh is expected to fill the massive hole in the guts that our Captain Dukes has left in his absence.

I’m packing a bunch of cable ties to restrain Saigon President, Nicko for his own protection. If near the end of the  game we are remotely close then there’s not much that can stop him wanting to run on the ground despite the fact that his ankle high puppy can still drop him to ground by tapping on his injured knee.

Never underestimate our back line, we still are solid with C Dan and the other most feared man in football Phil G who intimidates even his own team mates when he is committed to getting the ball.

Bottom line to win we need goals, and they are going to have to come as a team effort from each player.

One thing for sure, the Swannies are going to Bring it!!

Black armbands: As posted on this website on 3 March, the Vietnam Swans will wear black armbands in memory of TV journalist, Peter Harvey, who passed away recently.

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