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New positions for 2014 Saigon Committee including National President

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 23, 2014

Josh Lee, pictured here at last year’s ANZAC Friendship Match is the Swannies’ new National President for 2014.

The Vietnam Swans have a new National President for 2014: Josh Lee. The National President’s position will also incorporate the former Saigon President’s role.

Josh was elected unopposed at the 2014 Annual General Meeting held in Saigon on 21 January. Hanoi’s AGM will be held shortly. The person elected President in Hanoi will become the National Vice President.

The 2014 Saigon Committee is as follows:

  • President. Josh Lee. Josh will consider committee structure between now and the next committee meeting and will amend as he sees appropriate.
  • Vice President. To be selected by Hanoi and will be advised in due course.
  • Merchandise. Angus McEwan.
  • Coach. Andy Glendinning.
  • Secretary.  Ross Munn.
  • Treasurer. Rowan Luke
  • General Committee members: Tim Clements - membership focus; Kyle Hackenberg – procurement focus; Jamie Rossall – logistics focus; and Dan Morrison – IT focus.

Congratulations to all on your appointments.

Go you Swannies!!

3 Responses to “New positions for 2014 Saigon Committee including National President”

  1. said

    Oh Congrats Little Head!

  2. Willy said

    Congrats Josh!!

    awesome stuff & may the good times continue to roll for the Swannies in 2014.

    Well done Phil Farrrrrrrbooooooo as the outgoing Prez.

    Go you Swannies!!

  3. Craig Thomson said

    yeah g’day Swannies,

    notic’d you had a new merchandise role now that the club has become huuuuuge.. ya hear’n me.

    just wonder’n when will the Vietnam Swans brand will appear on sarongs??

    could you send a couple thru’.. one for me and a few for my ‘girlfriends’

    just charge it to Health Services Union gusometer..


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