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“How good is footy in Asia?” Promo video by AFL Asia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 29, 2013

The newly established had an impossible deadline: 28 September 2013.

The task was to create a promo video that showcased the iconic Sherrin being handballed and kicked around Asia in front of iconic locations – all in time for the video to be played at 2013 AFL Grand Final functions hosted by member clubs.

The result was the above video. It’s an outstanding result given the time constraints.

Special thanks to the Macau Lightning and Dave Smith for proposing the initiative, the number of clubs that contributed footage and Dave and Mark Stennett for making it all happen.

Also special thanks to Art Phillips and Adrian Bolland (101 Production Music (APRA)) for providing the music and to Darren at Virtually Real for his editing work.

2 Responses to ““How good is footy in Asia?” Promo video by AFL Asia”

  1. said

    Hi Phil, Have just watched the amazing video “How Good is Footy in Asia”! It is awesome! Congratulations! No one would be better than you as the inaugural President of AFL Asia. Your passion for the game throughout Vietnam and Asia has no limits. The AFL need to ensure you do not have any other employment so you can continue to develop Aussie Rules Football throughout Asia. Since we first met in 2010 I have becoming very proud of our association and are also very proud to know you as a mate. Your commitment to linking our war time football history in Vietnam with the Vietnam Swans has been very much appreciated by all our old VFL (Vietnam Football League) Vietnam Veterans. Congratulations also on your Hawkers getting up over Freo! At our MCC car park BBQ at the Grand Final I wore my “Swannies” Cap. It created a lot of interest with the group next to us. Showed them the ANZAC Friendship Football Record from Vung Tau this year. They could not believe how professional it was! They were amazed about footy in Vietnam & Asia as they had no idea! Again Phil congratulations and keep up the good work! Stan Middleton (Vietnam Footballer 1967-68 & Vietnam Veteran) from Melbourne.

    • Hi Stan

      That is seriously impressive that you took a copy of the ANZAC Friendship Match footy record to the MCG on Grand Final Day! How awesome are you at promoting footy in Vietnam and Asia??

      The association with the Vietnam Football League has been a real highlight of being over here.

      That promo video came up really well. Apart from all the teams that contributed, there was Dave Smith (President of the Macau Lightning which had previously done a similar video for themselves and then suggested we do one for Asia), Mark Stennett (cinematographer and key organiser), Art Phillips (music) and Darren (editing).

      And thanks for your vote of confidence!

      Great news indeed that the Hawks won the Grand Final.


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