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HMAS Darwin challenges Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 24, 2009

Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004 on board the HMAS Darwin earlier this month. And, the Swannies on board the HMAS ANZAC last August

We are just three days short of the anniversary of  when we played HMAS ANZAC in a footy match at RMIT University in Saigon. Absolutely cracking match (which we won) and event.

Well tonight, the Swannies Blog can break the news that we have been challenged by HMAS DARWIN to a match at the end of September in Saigon. Bring that on! The match is expected to be held at RMIT University on 29 September.

Earlier in the month, as reported in the , Australian supermodel and Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins had a photo shoot on board the DARWIN showing off her cozis (click for photos). Given the Swannies ongoing relationship with Miss Australia 2008, Laura Dundovic (who has literally posted a comment on our Blog), the layman could be forgiven for thinking that we are being stalked by glamours.

Ah Miss Laura Dundovic Australia... still current and relevant to the Swannies...

Meanwhile, this morning, in the Bahamas, Miss Universe 2009 was crowned. Miss Venezuela, like last year, took the Miss Universe title.

The excitement in the Bahamas has caused an unprecedented spike in traffic on the Swannies website. Our previous biggest day was 318 hits one day prior to last year’s AFL Grand Final Party. Tonight, we’re on 520 hits and still climbing. Lots of people looking up Miss Rachel and finding Miss Laura instead!

It’s a funny state of play when all these connections to Miss Australias, Miss Universes etc are so powerful that they effectively relegate a breaking news story about a footy match against the Australian Navy to second position!

Go you Swannies!

13 Responses to “HMAS Darwin challenges Vietnam Swans”

  1. Willy said

    look i know it is terrific that rachel did so well in the bahamas but bring on laura!!

    laura i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just hope me mrs doesn’t find this blog or i’m in deep sh*t..

  2. Willy said

    what footy game was that again?? navy blokes.. ummmmmm

    think i’ll go back to the laura bit..

  3. Willy said

    ok, ok, so i just left this site bout two minutes ago and now i’m back on it.

    i don’t care what anyone says, ohhhh laura you are what dreams are made of…. :)

  4. Nick Sheills said

    I can’t wait to be amongst the sailors.

  5. Rhys Mohawkian said

    Wish I was there.
    Oh the mamories…I mean memories.

  6. Nick Shiells said

    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

  7. Big Bad JOE said

    Willy, which missus you talking about? The one in Hanoi, the one in Hue, the one in Danang, the one in Nha Trang, the one in Saigon, the half a dozen in Phnom Penh, the one (or was it 2) in Bangkok, the one in Kanchanaburi, the one in Singapore, the future one in KL? If I was you, I’d be more concerned about Laura finding out.

    Rhys, mate, how’s it going? When you comin’ back?

    Nick, you haven’t got time to playing around on the internet. Get back to the gym!

  8. Rhys Mohawkian said

    Back for a quick trip in December Big Joe.
    Hopefully catch up for a couple of quiet ones then.

  9. Big Bad JOE said


    If the quiet beers don’t go so well, we’ll get into a few rowdy bottles of Jim Beam.

    Look forward to seeing ya!

  10. Dread head Rhys said

    Don’t think he would have my current one:

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