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President Saigon Sammy brings jumpers and more news

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 9, 2012

Saigon Sam brings new footy jumpers and other good news this week. Photo Joe Garrison.

Saigon President, Sammy Conroy has loads on his mind: from the Cambodian Cannonball Run to membership packages, Gaelic /Aussie Rules tournaments, Swing to Swims, Supercoach…

It just keeps gettin’ bigger.


Well after a mega trip across to Cambodia which resulted in a controversial loss (not really; we stuffed up) we are now none from 2 this year so far. My Mum has been watching our progress via the media and she seems to think that I am to blame so will be at training this week to sort me out. Coaching committee will have us all in their sights as well, for sure, but expect a lighter run this week after getting knocked around for 5 quarters last week.


Training will be at the usual time of 2:30 at RMIT on Saturday but if you need some extra work, turn up at 2pm and we will run through Matt Natalotto’s pain session for a warm up.

Gaelic Game

The Irish lads are pumped about our game on the 17th (click here for another Ah McRae… poster special) and are looking to make a real event of it. Can everyone if you’re in or out for the weekend so we can get an idea on numbers and teams.


Memberships are finally sorted out with what has been a slow process turning out to be a great result for players. Jumpers will be available this week with the rest of the gear arriving in a few weeks.

Membership last year was VND1 million plus VND1.5 million for a jumper. However, based upon us sourcing a new supplier, we have been able to get the membership down to 2 million this year including a jumper which is awesome work by Phil and Alex. New sponsors, better materials and more choice is also a bonus.

Bring your VND2 million tomorrow to training and if you want to keep a loaned No. “10″ jumper, we will sell these for 30 bucks (Little Nicko’s running everywhere). We also have supporters and junior memberships available.

Annual Swing to Swim Charity Golf Fundraiser

This event is turning mega with word that Rowan Luke and Ross Munn from our sponsor, the Commonwealth Bank, are locked in for the weekend. Swannies numbers look to be stronger than last year which is fantastic as it only adds to support this great event. Get on board the Swans train this weekend with two Swans’ functions on the same weekend (what are you going to do Dave????).

Super Coach and Tipping

Super Coach has got so awesome that Ross has had to put a second comp on to meet demand. The Swans’ tipping comp is also getting good numbers and if that’s not enough, get on board the tick tick Boom comp as well. Ross sent details round earlier and there will be an update on next week, you can also collar Ross at training this week.

See you all at training with no doubt more details and stuff I have forgotten.

For additional details, please contact the Saigon President, .

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