Vietnam Swans

Australian Rules Football In Vietnam!

  • Guangzhou Scorpions Vs Vietnam Swans, Guangzhou

    May 19th, 2012
    25 days to go.
  • Next

    12 May. Australian Education Showcase, Hanoi

    13 May. Saigon – Australian Education Showcase

    19 May. Guangzhou Scorpions Vs Vietnam Swans, Guangzhou, China

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Sign up for Swannies Supercoach and tipping comps for 2012 AFL Season!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 8, 2012

The 2012 Swannies' Supercoach and Footy Tipping comps are now open!

The 2012 AFL Season is getting very close – and that means you need to start thinking about excel spreadsheets and dartboards: spreadsheets for the Swannies’ Supercoach comp and dart boards for the Swannies’ Footy Tipping comp.

Swannies’ Supercoach

If you think you have too much time on your hands, this is the competition for you.

If you ‘re sick of listening to your mates talk about more trades more often than any broker on Wall Street in a bubbling economy, you’re not alone. But don’t worry. Now you can fight back. Thanks to Ross, we’re going to have a weekly Supercoach newsletter, jam packed with vital tips and analysis, that will help you smash anyone not on his mailing list. Ah McRae, you’ve done it again.

Supercoach Details

  • Elite League – VND500,000 (AUD25)  and limited to first 18 people who sign up. Modest amount of prize money available. Immodest amount of bragging rights also available. Please pay the Swannies’ Treasurer, Rowan Luke. If outside of Vietnam, you can transfer money to ‘s Australian bank account.
  • Casual League – If more than 18 sign up for the Elite League, we will run a separate “Casual League”. No entrance fee – and, alas, no prize money.

To join Swannies’ Supercoach, you will need an invitation from Ross at

Footy Tipping Competition

Last year, we had multiple comps going on here. This year, we want everyone to be in the same competition. It’s at

  • Entrance fee: VND250,000 ($13AUD)
  • Payments may be made to Treasurer, Rowan Luke. Outside of Australia, we will advise separately.
  • If you haven’t paid entrance fee by Round #2, you will be ineligible for any prize money.
  • If you would like to be the “administrator-facilitator” of the footy tipping, please contact .

Another big year in footy is starting…

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