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  • Nick Shiells’ funeral confirmed 7 May

    May 7th, 2014
  • Next

    7 May - Nick Shiells' funeral has been rescheduled to Wednesday 7 May at 10am at Three Bells Church, 190 Le Van Sy Street. Phu Nhuan District. Dress code is formal (includes club polo shirts). A wake will follow in D2 from 5pm.

    10 May - The Swannies Remember and Celebrate Nicko. Details to be advised.

    AFL Asia - Asian Footy's umbrella organisation.










Contact Us

The Vietnam Swans are keen to hear from you! If you want to play, become a social member, become a sponsor, write a story, or anything else, please contact the Swannies.

The Swannies have player/supporter bases in Hanoi, Hoi An/Danang, Saigon and Vung Tau.

  • National President (Saigon), Josh Lee – email
  • Saigon Captain, Bill Crang – Ph +84 (0) 121 361 3423;
  • National Vice President (Hanoi), Dan Hopkins – Ph +84 (0) 12 428 541 17;
  • Hoi An/Danang, Michael Johnston – Ph +84 (0) 904 408 193;
  • Vung Tau, Glenn Nolan – Ph +84 (0) 64 370 7845;
  • Saigon Auskick – Email

15 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. said

    Dear Phil,
    I received your message today 31st / Jul/2013, will contact to you by mail , very soon. Thanks Phil,!; Fr: THONG Kiem Tran, Stubby Holders maker in Saigon. Best regard ! (E: ; HP: +84 (0) 90 363 8484 ; W: ;)

  2. said

    Dear Phil,
    G’day mate !
    My name is Thong (Vietnamese), I lived in Autralia for 2 years (Syd and Mel).
    At the moment I made the stubby holders in Saigon, Vietnam for all Autralian they need. I am also made some designs for Long Tan from 2011 ( At the moment I have the promotion (from 18th, Aug to 18th, Oct – 2013) for all Australian Clients who live in Vietnam when they want to make their own stubby holder’s design(s). Pls contact me for detail, HP: +84 (0) 90 363 8484, Thong. Best regard !,

  3. said

    Hoping the Vietnam Swans will soon be submitting Vung Tau City related information to ‘into Vung Tau’ [], so if you are planning a visit to Vung Tau be sure to take a look and let anyone you know who might be visiting.

    Thank you, Yuri Doric | into Vung Tau |

  4. steven said

    Hi Vietnam Swans….nice to meet you..
    Can i join your club..^^?

  5. Hi Qui
    Great to hear from you.
    Which city are you in?
    Next training in Saigon is at RMIT University in D7, Saturday 14 April.
    In Hanoi it’s also on the Saturday.
    On 21 April 2012, we’re off to Vung Tau for the ANZAC Friendship Match, coincidentally, against the China Reds. You need to be there.

  6. Qui Le said

    Hi guys, have recently moved to Vietnam and have not played/trained for a year due to being in China and am dying to be on the track. When’s the next time you guys are training or getting together?
    Thanks, Qui.

  7. Phil Johns said

    Hi Leanne
    From 20-22 April, we will be down in Vung Tau and then it will be back to Saigon.
    A number of us will then return to Vung Tau on 24 April to head out to the Long Tan Cross the next day for the Dawn Service. After the Dawn Service, we go to Tommy’s Bar in Vung Tau to watch the live telecast of the Collingwood-Essendon match.
    Will you be able to attend that one? Mega fun and Swannies’ jumpers will certainly be on sale there. Alternatively, we can work out another time to meet up.

  8. leanne said

    Congratulations to you all, from all the reading Im doing swans are doing some great work and having fun while doing it.
    We arrive in saigon on the 21st (late) take off on the mekong next day for one night and then back in saigon… the jumpers and would love to get one,

    Hubby has coaching certs and has run auskick here and coached local juniors and seniors for years, would love to catch up if time permits on our busy three week south to north tour to lend a hand or even have beer.

    leanne and robbo…

    • Hi Leanne and Robbo

      Why don’t you come out to training on Saturday 24 March? You would be extremely welcome. Auskick starts at 2pm and the Swannies start at 2.30pm at RMIT University, 702 Nguyen Van Linh in District 7, Saigon.

      Afterwards, you could come out for a cleansing ale.

      Also, will you be in Hanoi on 31 March? There will be a game between the North and the South.

      It’ll be good fun. You’ll like it!

      Vietnam Swans

      • leanne said

        Oh Phil, silly silly me, not putting what month Im coming…. sorry , will be arriving on the 21st of April, was hoping to go to that match to catch up with Richard Osborne , whom my husband played footy with many many many years ago, but unfortunetly we dont get in till 3pm….and next day take off up the mekong overnight..
        Still hoping to catch up and have a beer or two either on the 21st, 23rd or 24th April and head to the dawn service on the 25th before flying on to Dalat,
        AND would so much love to buy a footy jumper while there as it is one of the best jumpers Ive seen….

        So my dear new best friend….lol (hoping you got some humour there ) where and when shall we meet while having and ale and buying a swan jumper….the rest of our plans are moving up north for a month and will be following you schedule to c if it fits in with the holiday plans and see if we can offer our services along the way,…..maybe help with auskick or something….

        thanks pal speak soon


  9. Graham Spencer (Spence) said

    I was talking to one of my vet mates (Andy Purdie, hadn’t seen him for years) a couple of months ago. I mentioned to him that I (plus a mate) was making my first trip back to Vietnam. He said that he went there 2011 and mentioned your bar as a reference. We will be getting into Saigon on the 21/04/12 and leaving 29/04/12.
    Can you please advise me if your ANZAC day ceremonies are happening again, this year. Can you also please to stay at, in Saigon and Vungers.


    • Hi Spence
      Not sure which bar you are referring to but yes, teh ANZAC Dawn Service will again be held at teh Long Tan Cross on 25 April.
      The Vietnam Swans shall also play our 3rd ANZAC Friendship Match at the Vung Tau Greyhound Track on Saturday 21 April 2012. That shall be followed by a dinner.
      On the Sunday, Glenn Nolan from Tommy’s Bar, Vung Tau, will be organising Battlefield Tours.
      Click onto for more background information on the ANZAC Weekend. 2012 information will be added shortly.
      Good hotels are easy to find in both Saigon and Vung Tau.

      Phil Johns
      Vietnam Swans

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