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    March 2nd, 2013
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    2-3 March. 2nd Annual ANZAC Boot Camp, Vung Tau

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ANZAC 2013

The 2013 ANZAC Friendship Match: Vietnam Swans Vs Jakarta Bintangs, Vung Tau. Saturday, 27 April 2013.

2013 ANZAC Friendship Match. Vietnam Swans Vs Jakarta Bintangs.

The 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match, Vung Tau (90 minutes by hydrofoil from Saigon)

(Updated 18 April 2012)

*** Click for the Includes articles by Alex “You Beauty!” Jesaulenko, Tony Morwood (Sydney Swans), Tony Woods (AFL), the Australian Consul General John McAnulty and Vietnam Veterans Stan Middleton, Kev McMillan and Ron Vernon. Former Saigon President Derrin Limbrick also has a say.

*** For a copy of the 2012 Official Press Release, click here.

The 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match poster

Saturday 21 April, 2012

  • 12 Midday – Legends and All Stars Match (4 x 20min Quarters). (Would you like to play in this match? Please email the now!)
  • 2.00pm – Pre match formalities inc. national anthems
  • 2.25pm – Vietnam Swans Vs China Reds (4 x 20min Quarters)
  • 4.00pm – Presentations and celebratory drinks
  • 7.00pm – ANZAC Friendship Match Gala Dinner. Rooftop, Petro Hotel, Vung Tau. $48 (1 million VND) buffet, drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks) and entertainment. Bookings essential. Please email (Max 200 tickets). Preferred dress code: collared shirt, dress shorts, open or closed footwear. Ladies a similar standard.

For accommodation options in Vung Tau, please contact or at Wide Eyed Tours, major sponsors of the Vietnam Swans.

Sunday 22 April, 2012

  • Battlefields tour and visit to Long Tan Cross, $45. 8am and 1pm departures. Email Glenn Nolan at (this tour is not organised by the Vietnam Swans).

Wednesday 25 April, 2012

  • 2012 Pre Dawn: ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Long Tan Cross (seats on buses can be arranged from Vung Tau through Glenn Nolan at .  Tickets cost $5 and buses will leave from Tommy’s Bar at 4am)

5.15am – ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Long Tan Cross. Minimum dress code: collared shirt, dress shorts, shoes. Ladies a similar standard.

*Please note, Australia is one of only two countries to have a memorial site in Vietnam. This is a very generous gesture by the Vietnamese Government to Australians. Visitors to the Long Tan Cross should NOT wear medals or military uniforms, raise or display flags or play music. Speeches should be low key and short.

The Vietnam Swans thank the Vietnamese Government for allowing the ANZAC Dawn Service to be held each year. We also agree to the above listed conditions.

For anyone wishing to attend the ANZAC Dawn Service independently of an organised group, you shall be required to seek approvals from the relevant local authorities.

Please check the for full details.

  • Collingwood Vs Essendon, Tommy’s Sports Bar, Vung Tau

Watch this promo/documentary on the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match which was made by Steve Drummond.

To see what happened in 2010 and 2011, see below.

To see Adam Martin’s video on the 2011 ANZAC Friendship Match, .

The Hanoi Hawks, wearing two black armbands, hold the plate aloft after a thrilling one point victory in the inaugural ANZAC Friendship Match, 2010.

See Peter Harvey’s report on Channel 9 News regarding the 2011 ANZAC Friendship Match. .

Background on the ANZAC Friendship Match

Vung Tau served as the Australians logistics base during the Vietnam/American War and, more specifically, the match will be played at the Greyhound Racing Track. The Greyhound track was formerly known as the Lord Mayor’s Oval – and the venue for footy tournaments back in 1966-71

The Vietnamese Government allows the French and Australians, only, to have a memorial and service.

In Vietnam, the Government only allows two countries to honour their fallen with a memorial. They are France (Dien Bien Phu) and Australia (Long Tan). In exchange, the Vietnamese Government requests that those who visit the memorials must not wear medals, uniforms, raise or display flags or play music and that any speeches should be short and low key.

Against this backdrop of sensitivities, the Vietnam Swans feel extremely privileged to be able to host our ANZAC Friendship Match. We wear two black armbands to respect all who have fallen and to share the vision of one bright future.

Our Friendship Match brings together two worlds from two different eras: Vietnam 1970 and Vietnam 2011.  For all of us who have chosen to live and work in Vietnam 2011, Vietnam is such an exciting, vibrant, generous and welcoming country.

We also use the occasion to raise money for local orphanages and swimming initiatives that will save young lives. In Vietnam, more children currently die from drowning than road accidents.

We warmly invite people to attend the ANZAC Friendship Match in the spirit of friendship and respect – and to have an amazing day at the footy.

Orphans run around Swans President, Phil Johns, as he welcomes the crowd at the 2010 ANZAC Friendship Match

Below is the welcome message from the Vietnam Swans’ National President in 2010:

Dear Players and Visitors to the Vietnam Swans Inaugural ANZAC Friendship Match, Vung Tau

In Australia, Australian Rules Footy is very closely aligned with ANZAC Day – the anniversary of that terrible dawn back in 1915 when the ANZACs landed on the beaches of Gallipoli. In Asia this weekend, ANZAC footy matches are being played in nine countries, in memory of Australia’s and New Zealand’s fallen.

This year, for the first time, Vietnam will host an ANZAC match, played between the Hanoi Hawks and Saigon Saints. Commemorating ANZAC Day in this place will have particular significance for those of us fortunate enough to be here today: we will be reminded first hand that wars end long before the pain and suffering they cause – to all involved.

The Vietnam Swans is just an Aussie Rules Club made up of ordinary people from different backgrounds who are living in an extraordinary country. We are humbled by the generosity shown to us by those who have so warmly welcomed us into their country, and we share together our sorrow and mutual respect for the sacrifices of our peoples.

While we are daunted by the prospect of hosting our first ANZAC Friendship Match, we are strengthened by the knowledge that sport is a formidable force in building relationships. The Vietnam Swans hope that this match will help build the ever strengthening friendship between two friends: Australia and Vietnam.

Have a great day and enjoy the footy in Vietnam!

Below are items of related interest:


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  • 21-26 April, , AFL Footy Record. Previews Richard “Ossie” Osborne’s trip to Vietnam for the 2011 ANZAC friendship Match and the work being done to help save Vietnamese lives through new swimming initiatives. (Click onto Page 15 of the .)


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  • , by Peter Harvey, 60 Minutes. The story was aired on 13 August 2006.

Click on the above to see Redgum’s film clip about the Vietnam War, I was only 19.

  • 60 Minutes, . by Peter Harvey. The story was aired on 13 August 2006.

5 Responses to “ANZAC 2013”

  1. Ken Taylor. said

    verry tempting offer. don’t know if the doc will let me fly but. would love to see the battle grounds once again. we will see what time brings.

  2. said

    I am a Vietnam veteran/ entertainer travelling Australia leaving New South Wales 8th April 2011 arriving at Bruce Rock doing a concert at a Vietnam veterans RV rally Saturday 5th November. We are raising money for victims of agent orange go to “Vietnamese Victims of Agent “images” Do you have families in your area with deformed disabled children who need assistance. Get back to when you can. I would love to have a link with your group and disadvataged families in your area. THis is not a political stunt we are dinky di.

    • Hi Clarence
      It sounds like you are doing a great job raising money for those who need it over here in Vietnam.
      Unfortunately, the Vietnam Swans do not have any special links or contacts with victims of Agent Orange. Our community support has focussed on supporting organisations that offer swimming initiatives for young children. In Vietnam, more children die from drowning than road accidents.
      At the ANZAC Friendship Match, we will also raise some money to support a couple of local orphanages.
      Phil Johns
      National President
      Vietnam Swans

  3. Ian & Trisha said

    We will be there for ANZAC again. Looking forward to seeing you all at Tommys abd the footy match.

    • Excellent, Ian and Trisha!
      Interest is running particularly strong this year with more than 80 people already having confirmed they will be coming from Australia alone for the ANZAC Friendship Weekend.
      Look forward to seeing you there!
      Phil Johns

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