Vietnam Swans

Australian Rules Football In Vietnam!

  • Jakarta Bintangs Vs Vietnam Swans, Jakarta

    March 22nd, 2014
    22 days to go.
  • Next

    22 Mar, Jakarta Bintangs Vs Vietnam Swans, Jakarta

    26 April, 5th Annual ANZAC Friendship Match: Vietnam Swans Vs Malaysian Warriors, Vung Tau

    26 April, 3rd Annual McMillan Dinner and Middleton Address, Vung Tau

    AFL Asia - Asian Footy's umbrella organisation.






    AFL TV




2014 National Sponsors (updated 25 February 2014)

Signature Sponsor

  • – Signature Sponsor and Jumper Sponsor. Marine, Mining & Infrastructure, Social Media and Recruitment in Asia.

Platinum Sponsors

  • – Jumper and Travel Bag Sponsor. Now in Vietnam.
  • – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Experience our Experience.
  • - Medical provider. Giving the community peace of mind.
  • – Al Fresco’s Jaspas and the Spotted Cow. JASPAS is home of the Vietnam Swans’ 2012 AFL Grand Final in Hanoi.
  • – Does all the Swannies’ amazing graphic design work.
  • – For all your outsourced accounting needs.
  • – The IPA is a professional organisation for accountants recognised for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment.

Gold Sponsors

  • – Leading supplier of timber floor sanding equipment and supplies in Australia. It is also the Australian agent for the Lagler range of floor sanding machines from Germany.
  • – Home of the Swannies in Vung Tau. Loads of Swannies and Asian footy memorabilia. Excellent tours of battle fields.

Silver Sponsors

  • -  Tailored Golf tours in Vietnam. Also doing 2014 ANZAC Tours
  • – Contact for your home loans.
  • – Training singlets. We can shift you anywhere.
  • – provides returnable packaging solutions and equipment used to store and move products through supply chains.
  • – 15 years experience in all aspects of property including for expats all over the world.
  • – Look at their Introduction Video.
  • – Providing business insurance solutions to the corporate sector.
  • The of companies have been in Vietnam since 1992 and are involved in property development, education, minerals, IT, racing and other sectors.
  • The is the home of the Vietnam Swans ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau. Greyhound racing every Saturday night. Great fun.
  • – Mark Stennett is the Swans’ Official Photographer.

Asian Footy Clubs

  • Vietnam Swans, Hanoi – Training every Thursday at Australian Embassy, Hanoi; Saturdays at UNIS
  • Vietnam Swans, Saigon – Training every Saturday at RMIT, Saigon
  • , Clayton, Melbourne – “Sister Club” of the Vietnam Swans.
  • - Heaps of information about what is happening in footy – outside of Australia

Swimming Initiatives

The Vietnam Swans have a very close association with swimming in Vietnam where more children die from drowning than road accidents.

We support and the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s program in Danang.

On 14 May 2011, we co-organised the Inaugural Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day at which raised approximately USD25,000 for and . The day was organised to coincide with the completion of the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s .

Asia Links

  • - Located in both Hanoi and Saigon, the Australian Chamber of Commerce was established to represent and promote the interests of Australian businesses operating in Vietnam.
  • , HCMC. Go and crack one though the covers!
  • – Travel advice, tips and guides for Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • - Info, articles and resources for travelers to Vietnam
  • - The what’s on guide to HCMC

Other Links

  • - Everything you need to know
  • – What’s your story?

14 Responses to “Links”

  1. said

    gidday fellas …. pls put our website up on your links page!

  2. dave geary said

    hey, where are you guys playing on the 31st may?



  3. Stray said

    On May 31, the mighty Vietnam Swans unleash their new jumpers and talent against the Singapore Wombats in Hanoi.

  4. Mark Regan said

    Will be in Hanoi on Sunday, 17 August, and looking for a good place to watch the AFL match. Will be staying in Hoan Kiem Lake district (northern end). Like the occasional drink, and enjoy a crowd that has an idea of AFL.

    Any suggestions?


  5. Stray said

    G’day Mark,

    Keep your eyes firmly on this blog as details will be out shortly.

  6. Matt Dutschke said

    Hi all,

    am a ex Aussie Rules country footy player from SA.Currently living in Hanoi and looking for work and am interested in helping out and being involved with the club.If you can give me a phone contact number, I would love to catch up.Go The Power!!! sorry there are probably not too many Port Power supporters around.Don’t hold that against me. Regards Matt

    • Hi Matt
      Port Power is not a good start! Nevertheless… we’ll be very pleased to have you get involved with the Swannies in Hanoi. We’ve just finished a mega ANZAC Weekend in Vung Tau.

      The person to contact is the Hanoi President, Willy, on

      National President

  7. Phil said


    I am in Saigon for the weekend and want to know if there is any pubs that may be showing the Crows Vs Demons game on Sunday arvo?

    Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Phil

    • You can try Phatty’s at 46-48 Ton That Thiep Street, District 1 or, in the backpacker area, there is the Spotted Cow at 111 Bui Vien Street, D1.
      On Sunday afternoons, unfortunately, the Vietnam Swans, known for their military-like precision, are more akin to Brown’s Cows. So Swannies may or may not be there.

      But we do have footy training. Normally it is held at RMIT University, District 7 from 2.30-4pm on Saturdays. However, tomorrow 7 May, it will be held at r training this week will be held at Parklands, on Vo Truong Toan St, (just off the Hanoi Hwy after you cross the Saigon Bridge) from 2.30pm.

      No charge for first timers so come on out and meet us there.

  8. Conrad said


    I am from Melbourne and will be 19 years old in February next year
    I am considering coming to Saigon to study at RMIT starting in 2012 after my girlfriend had to return from studying in Melbourne for the past 2 years.

    I was wondering where I could start looking for a some part time work in Saigon. Are there any Australians out there that could use a hand? Im not sure where to start looking but I do have work experience and am ready for almost anything.

    If anyone knows or could offer me some work please get in contact with me.



    • Hi Conrad
      If you’re 19 and come from Melbourne, then you need top get over here as fast as you can so that you can start playing footy with the Vietnam Swans.

      Playing footy in Asia is awesome fun and being a part of the Swannies is even more awesome.

      I presume you will be a full time student when you are here so it would only be part time work that you are looking for?

      Plenty of English teaching if that’s of any interest?

      Vietnam Swans

      • Conrad said

        haha, Yes well I could be your forward or ruck Im 196cm.

        Yes I would expect to be a full time student so it would be PT work.
        I have enquired at a careers and education expo here and from what I heard supported my feeling that qaulifications are needed before you are employed to be and ESL teacher. Would that be right as I would only be coming with VCE as my highest form education.

        I just thought as the Vietnam Swans are a fantastic support basis and have quite a few sponsors there could be contacts that could help a fellow Aussie out with employment.


  9. said

    G’day Fellas
    Thbnks again for helping our charity work here in Vung Tau.
    Could you please add our link and have I permission to link your site

  10. said

    We heard about you and it’s great to spend a few hours this evening to read through your site. Keep up the good work and update your activities during Vietnam holidays.

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