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Vietnam Swans Record Footy Fury!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 13, 2007

As you may be aware, the Asian Championships will be held in Bangkok on 14 July. 10 teams from the UAE, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Bali and Jakarta shall all attend. Surely, if anyone can do anything for footy in Asia, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

The Vietnam Swans, through a contact, contacted the “Footy Record” back in Australia and suggested that they write a short article in the Record on the weekend of the Champs, or the week before.

The contact replied that, “I have floated the idea of doing a piece on the Championships in the Record with my editor, but unfortunately, he’s not too keen as it kind of goes outside the scope of what we do… Sorry I couldn’t really help.”

The President of the Vietnam Swans expressed his disappointment in an email to the  (click for email).  

Agree or disagree? Post a comment below.

4 Responses to “Vietnam Swans Record Footy Fury!”

  1. Danny from Dalesford said

    Absolute disgrace, “goes outside there scope” got me buggered what scope are those boys looking at. Footy is Footy.

    Will have a word to the Daley Times, Dalesford leading newspaper and give you boys a plug.

    Good to see the pres havin a go.Good Luck for the Champs!

  2. Pago said

    Well done Phil,

    Frustrating that these blokes can’t see outside their own sandpit. Better to work around them.


  3. Stray said


    You don’t mince words. Well done!!!

    I know it’s frustrating trying to find sponsors and a kind word from the so-called professionals of footy but don’t give up the good fight. WHEN we win the Asian Champs, they’ll all be chomping at the bit to ride on our coat-tails.

    Have any of the other regional teams an opinion about the lack of recognition?

    Perhaps we should (Heaven forbid) boycott the Grand Final! We could set up picket lines outside of the Legend Hotel (in Saigon), sabotage the cable feed on the day, shout abuse at the scabs that cross our picket lines . . . That may get us some media attention.

    Someone made mention, in a previous posting, that the footy El Presidente should have some jail time behind him. We could all claim, at the pickets, that the President made us do it! You’ll be one step closer to martyrdom . . .

    Honk if ya love footy!

  4. [...] when the AFL Footy Record refused to make reference to the Champs because, unfortunately, “it kind of goes outside the scope of what we do“. The Swans’ President wrote to the Footy Record at the time to express his [...]

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