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Almost born…

Posted by hanoiswans on November 16, 2007

You may recall that back on 28 May 2007, the Blog ran a high powered story on “Are the Lao Elephants coming soon?”. It had a quote from self appointed Elephants President, Marty Sharples saying that a few of the boys had “decided to form a club here after the (Asian) Champs: The Lao Elephants - fat, slow and almost extinct”.

Well, we don’t know whether they will be fat and slow but we do know that they are nearly born. Tomorrow, they will be running out onto the hallowed turf of the UN International School. 

The Blog is never one to get get caught up in hyperbole but, historically, this will be an incredibly important weekend. You’ll be able to tell your grand children about being there when the Lao Elephants made their international debut.

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