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The Rooster’s latest design for a new jumper

Posted by hanoiswans on February 4, 2008

The Big Rooster is back in town with renewed enthusiasm and a revised design for a new Vietnam jumper.

Swannies, what about this concept !!! If it is ever seen back in Australia, it would create more of a stir than when the first platypus was sent back to Blightie !!!

It covers all of the aspects that Sam mentioned (read Sam’s post)… the colours from the NLF flag, the South VN flag with the 3 red lines etc. etc… It also maintains the link to the team being the Swans… there is something for Sydney-siders, Adelaidians and Melbourne Eurotrash Wanna-be’s (Ed’s note: steady-on re the Magnificent Melbournians)… It also acknowledges the Saigon Saints Hanoi Swans and Hanoi Hawks Football Clubs…  (much like the BBFFC Brisbane Bears Fitzroy Football Club).

Note how I cleverly incorporate a sneaky reference to the current Vietnam flag !!!

This jumper is also not going to clash with any other Asian teams. Malaysia is a lighter blue and you also have the red stripes at the bottom.

Whilst totally unique jumpers are great, there is a school of thought that supports jumpers that maintain a tangible link to an AFL jumper… When Adelaide play at the MCG this year, somebody is more likely to wear such a jumper (Ed’s Note: But only if you’re a pumpkin-head Adelaide supporter) rather than the Laos Elephants’ jumper for example. So you will get noticed and the profile of VN footy will improve which is important (when I was living in Jakarta, we had an ex-AFL player living there for 18 months before he found us !!!).  Any publicity is good publicity. 

I am definitely coming up for March 8th to kick a few goals (with the Vietnam Swans against the Malaysian Warriors).

Agree or disagree with the jumper proposal? Post a comment and build upon the Big Rooster’s 6-goal contribution!

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Swans Blog smashes through 20,000 hits

Posted by hanoiswans on February 3, 2008

Last week, the Swans Blog smashed through its 20,000th hit. Since then, we’ve recorded another 700 hits.

In what has been a bumper month for the Swans Blog, January had 3,279 hits which is a world record. Our previous best month was July last year when we had 3,271. What’s weird about that is that July was the month of the Asian Championships. January, by contrast, was the month of not very much!

In the last 20 days, 12 days have had more than 100 hits. If you include days that had more than 90 hits, the number goes up to 17. Seriously unheard of.

The Swans Blog has attracted an international audience. Staggeringly, the United States accounts for 28 per cent of our traffic; Australia has 22 per cent and Vietnam comes in at No. 3 with 19 per cent of the hits. Often, the Blog is difficult to access in Vietnam. Many times we can’t access it during the day at all which may explain why Vietnam doesn’t come in at No. 1.

If you have your own theory to explain these results, post a comment.

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The Swans review 2007

Posted by hanoiswans on December 31, 2007

2007 was a big year for the Swannies. Below are some of the highlights: 

  • - It was the year that Hanoi and Saigon combined to form a national team, the Vietnam Swans.
  • - The Vietnam Swans then made our inaugural appearance at the Asian Championships in Bangkok in July.
  • - Players and officials for our first Asian Champs came from no fewer than 6 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Singapore and Australia) to make it happen.
  • Triple Brownlow Medalist, Bobby Skilton; Triple Premiership Player, Clarke Keating; and member of the SouthMelbourne/Sydney Swans’ Team of the Century, Tony Morwood, individually wrote to the Vietnam Swans in the lead up to the Champs to wish us luck.
  • We commenced a relationship with Sponsor, Jim Beam where they actively used the Swans appearance at the Champs to market their product – ie, they sought genuine business value from the sponsorship (eg Jim Beam promotional posters  that incorporated into the design the Swans appearance at the Champs.)
  • In the lead up to the Champs, we launched the Vietnam Swans Blog which has since had more than 17,000 hits.
  • The guys from Laos who played with us at the Champs - have since gone on to form their own Club, the Laos Elephants.
  • We hosted a Tri Nations Tournament in Hanoi with Laos and Thailand that was combined with the netball. Approximately 200 people attended the after match function.
  • We hosted a match in Saigon against Asian Champs Premiers’ the Hong Kong Dragons.
  • We hosted a derby between Hanoi and Saigon in Saigon.
  • We formed part of Austrade’s Australian Schools Open Day in both Saigon and Hanoi where we used footy to help differentiate the Australian education product. Club Sponsor, QBE Insurance, sponsored 900 Swans hats that were given away to attendees in the two cities.
  • The Vietnam Swans received very generous support from sponsors for their third Grand Final Party in Hanoi and close to 200 people attended.
  • In the lead up to the Grand Final, Vietnam Swans stalwart, Wayne Tinlin, was interviewed by ABC Radio in Australia.
  • The Vietnam Swans ran the 2nd Grand Final Cyclo Parade in Hanoi on the Thursday prior to the Grand Final. A photograph subsequently appeared in Melbourne’s Herald Sun Newspaper and ABC Radio in Adelaide did a live interview with Wayne Bubbles Tinlin.
  • Club NewsThe Swans continued to give back to the community by raising money for an organisation dealing with prostate cancer in Hanoi and also for the Loreto Foundation in Saigon which deals with disadvantaged children. On both occasions we raffled off Jim Beam bottles which were part of the original sponsorship from the Asian Champs.
  • The Swans also gave sporting equipment to the orphanage in Hanoi that we have been associated with.
  • The Swans held our 3rd Annual Golf Day in Melbourne on 29 December.

 In many respects, 2007 has been a remarkable year for the Vietnam Swans. Congratulations to all involved – especially those involved with the Asian Champs. 

We are now extremely well positioned to have a very strong 2008. For a sneak preview of 2008, tune in to the blog tomorrow - the 1st Day of the New Year.

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Swans help raise more for charity

Posted by hanoiswans on December 12, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, JASPAS in Saigon held it’s monthly Spam Cham which involves drinks, nibblies and a raffle. All money raised goes to the which is involved in 9 major projects assisting over 3,000 of Vietnam’s neediest children. The program assists disadvantaged, disabled and poor children through education.

Thanks to the Vietnam Swans amazing sponsor, , the Vietnam Swans were able to donate the equivalent of a mega 4.5 litre Jim Beam bottle (6 standard bottles) to the raffle.

The winner of the Jim Beam was Tim who exclaimed, “You Beauty!” - although he later confessed he was actually going for the two cans of Spam… Until that moment, Tim had “never won anything”.

Tim said that he was going to Mui Ne the following weekend with a few friends and his new friend, Jim. He did not expect Jim to make the return trip back to Saigon.

For the record, Albin’s effort at growing a mo for Movember earnt him the title of Mr Movember.

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Tri Nations nets millions for charity

Posted by hanoiswans on November 28, 2007

At the recent Tri Nations Footy/Netball weekend, the Swans raised 4.5 million Vietnamese Dong ($US 280) from the raffle of a mega 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam (our Club Sponsor).

It was all part of “Movember” where a number of players grew a moustache for the tournament to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues. The money raised will be donated to the US Committee for Scientific Research with Vietnam. Soon, they will commence a primary health care program in the northern highlands and will now add prostate screening and care to the program.

For further details, click on the link to the Swans  ‘Tache n Passion for Charity posting.

For the record, the Tigers’ Chris Thwaiter won the Jim Beam and promptly shared it with the two hundred people who were there on the Saturday night.  

Thank you to the Thailand Tigers, Lao Elephants, Vietnam Swans, the various netball teams and friends who all dug deep for this cause.

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Swans advertise globally

Posted by hanoiswans on November 6, 2007

The Vietnam Swans have taken recruitment to a new and unprecedented level. In a bid to boost numbers, we’ve started recruiting travellers before they’ve even arrived in Vietnam!

Together with Wide Eyed Tours, an exciting travel company in Vietnam, we’re advertising in Europe, America and, of course, Australia. Wide Eyed Tours have put together their  and distributed it across the world marketing their tours. On the back page, they’re carrying a complimentary advertisement for the Vietnam Swans inviting travellers to come and join our training sessions when they’re over here. 

It won’t be just the Germans who are Wide Eyed when they find out about Aussie Rules in Vietnam!

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Saigon farewells Austrade Commissioner

Posted by hanoiswans on October 18, 2007

Yesterday, Kevan Dacey who had been the Acting Austrade Commissioner (Saigon) for the previous 6 months, departed Vietnam for Australia for the last time in that position.

Kev first met the Swans when we participated in Austrade’s Australian Schools Open Day back in May. Since then, Kev has become a keen and loyal participant.

When we were raffling mega bottles of Jim Beam to raise money for our Asian Championships campaign, he was there buying tickets for himself and selling tickets to everyone else. When we asked him to draw one of the raffles, he drew his friend Kerrie. Kerrie had won the previous week and kindly donated the bottle back to the Club. Kev drew again and this time drew his own name - and ‘kindly donated the bottle back to the Club’! We didn’t ask Kev to draw any more competitions after that…

Kev spoke with his contacts at  who agreed to sponsor a mouthguard for every Swans player at the Champs. The mouthguards are the best fitting and most comfortable you will ever find.

At the Champs, Kev was everything. Wearing a Brisbane Lions shirt, he ran the water for the Swans. When he tired of that, he pulled on a jumper and played for us against the Thailand Tigers. The following day, wearing a China Reds shirt at the Fines’ Session, he was unexpectedly fined for continually wearing shirts not approved by the Swans hierarchy.

When the Hong Kong Dragons toured to Saigon on 1 September 2007, Kev was there again; this time as goal umpire. In the last quarter, he decided he could offer the Swans more help at full forward rather than as goal umpire. Accordingly, he told the Swans full forward to swap jobs! (See Kev Dacey’s match report.)

Kevan Dacey, you have been a super star. Good luck for your return to Australia. The Vietnam Swans hope to see you again back in Vietnam some time soon - or at the next Asian Champs.

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Swans unveil “2007 AFL Grand Final Party” Banner

Posted by hanoiswans on September 22, 2007

With just 7 days before the 2007 AFL Grand Final Party in Hanoi, the Vietnam Swans today unveiled the Official Banner. The banner which captures the feel of the event and displays the logos of sponsors in a very innovative manner was designed by  who have offered the Vietnam Swans outstanding support.

For those in Hanoi on Thursday, 27th September, you may well see the banner when the Swans hold their 2nd Annual Grand Final Cyclo Parade. The Swans and Friends (everyone is welcome to be a friend) will meet at Le Pub, jump into cyclos dressd in team colours and set off on a Pub Crawl with a difference - it will include a drop at our Gold Sponsor, Red Apron’s Wine Store at the Metropole.

Full details will be announced on the Blog and at Le Pub “imminently” said an anonymous Club spokesperson.

How high are the hairs standing on the back of your neck? The Swans have been told the back of our necks looks more like that of an echidna! Unheard of.

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Swans announce Silver Sponsors for Grand Final

Posted by hanoiswans on September 11, 2007

The Vietnam Swans have great pleasure in announcing that the following companies are sponsors of our 2007 Grand Final Party in Hanoi on 29 September.

We ask that you please consider using their services where appropriate.

 - With more than 300 offices in 50 countries, is the undisputed global leader in real estate services. Whether it’s apartments, offices, market research, feasibility studies, asset services, property management… speak to CB Richard Ellis (Vietnam). 

- Red Bridge Restaurant Bar and Cooking School, Hoi An. On the banks of the Hoi An River, Red Bridge offers half day cooking school programs, with a trip to the market, cooking lesson and lunch.

Platinum Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

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Mgard mouthguards magnificent

Posted by hanoiswans on September 4, 2007

For the Asian Champs, very generously sponsored each Vietnam Swans player with a mouthguard each.

Despite reading the glowing scientific research about the mouthguards, Coach Scotty Stacey and Pres Phil Johns elected to wear their own lucky mouthguards during the Champs. But all that changed on the weekend’s match against the Hong Kong Dragons.

The verdict? Ah-mazing. You can actually wear the mouthguard without feeling like you’re about to gag. You can even yell out your team mate’s name and still make audible sense.

The Mgard mouthguards are a sensation because they are geuinely very, very comfortable.

If you’re looking for a new mouthguard, to quote Molly Meldrum, do yourself a favour and check out  mouthguards.

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Swans Blog on fire at 7,000 degrees

Posted by hanoiswans on August 18, 2007

Yesterday the Swans Blog had 114 visitors which took us up to 7,000 hits. Today’s posting is the 200th.

Surely, in some culture it must be lucky to announce 7,000 on your 200th? If there is, the Swans will give them an honourary membership.

In other statistics, it’s just 3 days more than 100 since we launched the Blog on 7 May with the story, “2 months and 10 days before Asian Champs”. Speaking of 10 days, it took just that many after the Champs for the Blog to record our 5,000th hit on 24 July. Coincidentally, 24 was the number of days it took us to collect the 2,000 hits needed to reach 7,000.

Conspiracy theorists momentarily suggested something more sinister than the above being just a random collection of unrelated coincidences. The Swans Blog considered their suggestions to be nothing more than malicious gossip - so we burnt them at the stake.

But back to the Blog’s stats: Vietnam accounts for 43.15% of the traffic (compared with 46.5% at 5,000 hits), Australia 30.85% (30.2%) and the US 6.83% (6.5%). The total number of countries that have logged on to the site has increased from 48 to 58 countries.

In other Swans Blog related news, Marty Hartigan, who lives in Melbourne, will be in Hanoi on the day of the AFL Grand Final. He got onto the net, found the Blog and emailed us requesting a couple of seats at the Vietnam Swans 2007 AFL Grand Final Party. For sure, Marty!!

Marty also mentioned that The Age ran an article a couple of weeks ago that included a reference to the Vietnam Swans.

It’s official: you don’t have to wait ’til the end of the day to discover that it’s all good. Hearin’ me?

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The Fines Master breaks his silence

Posted by hanoiswans on August 4, 2007

After a period of silence since the Asian Champs, Pago has gone on the record to explain why we were fined at all!

The day after the Champs, at 11am on the Sunday morning, when a few of the red and white Swans were looking green and greener, Pago opened up his Fines book. Those incurring fines imbibed a shot of Thai whiskey per offence.

Pieter Bossink was fined for a photo taken before the trip had even started. The Fines Master considered that the photo, taken at the Jim Beam night at Jaspas, Hanoi, brought the club into disrepute!

Other highlights included Coach Stacey being fined for being “the only coach at the tournament who didn’t know what time we were playing next”.

Mexican Eddy was fined for “being the only Mexican in the tournament”.

Prez Phil was fined for chewing his opponent’s ear off: “The bloke was asked more questions than he’d had hot dinners and now knows more about the Swans than any other opponent”.

Mixo KrisKris “Mixo” Vandermeer copped it for “swapping his rose coloured glasses for rose coloured eyeballs”.

To find out what other fines were meted out on the basis of gossip, innuendo and imagination, click on the link, .

Pago made a very Fine Master of Ceremonies on that Sunday morning. Top work, that.

For those interested in a bit of nostalgia, attached is the original . Now that we all have time and we don’t have the threat of fines hanging over our head, we may want to read what we were supposed to have done over the weekend.

And how about Coach Stacey organising the discounts on jugs of protein shakes and blended pasta shooters…

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