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Dubai and Swans win in the Heat

Posted by hanoiswans on February 11, 2008

Jezza - the Water Boy worth his weight in gold in the desertThe Gulf News has reported that in the curtain raiser prior to the Adelaide - Collingwood match, .

Given that Collingwood decided to become a sister club of the Dubai Dingoes and both sisters were trounced by similar margins (Collingwood was beaten 136 - 55), there are no prizes for guessing what seems to be the selection criteria for picking sisters!

The Swans Blog can report that the coach of the Dubai Heat was one of our own - Jeremy “Jezza” Palmer. Jeremy debuted for us on 6 March 2006 against the Malaysian Warriors as… our Water Boy. But he was the Water Boy with a difference. Even though he had literally just arrived in Vietnam and virtually none of us had even met him prior to him picking up the water, we all started doing what he told us to do on the paddock!

Three weeks later when we played the Jakarta Bintangs, we knew of Jezza’s prodigious talents. This time he played on the field, fed the footy down the throat of the forwards and we won our first ever match.

Expect a short review from Jeremy of the Dubai match on the Blog very soon.

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Baird’s Netball Banter

Posted by hanoiswans on November 22, 2007

A wrap up from the Hanoi Oi’s President, Katherine Baird:

Visions of gigantic Bangkok girls with 5 foot long legs haunted the Oi’s trainings for weeks leading up to the tournament. Girls cowering in between drills could be heard whispering, “They’re professionals - they’ve actually got muscle tone – they even wear bodysuits!!” The brave among the Oi’s decided to face the nightmarish visions and tackle the Bangkok girls in the Tri-Nations Tournament. Hardly a thought was given to our Laos neighbours – the Mahouts, with not even 6 weeks training under their big bright pink t-shirts. Ha! They even wanted to come to the court early to see what a netball court looked like! Laos was sure to be a dead-set given!

The  17th proved to be an unusually hot November day. The Tigress’s rocked up late to the courts (an equally as low ploy as the Laos team ‘having never seen a court’). Games began and the girls played with great style and flair. It seemed that neither body suit, singlet nor t-shirt made a difference to the scores. Within seconds, word spread throughout, “Laos actually got a goal!” Almost every game came down to just a few points.

Players and supporters alike were impressed with the healthy rivalry and silly banter between the girls – not to mention the level of play! Well done to the Bangkok Claws who took out the ‘Team Spirit Award’!!

Final Scores:

Laos 10, Bangkok Paws 9, Hanoi Red 8, Hanoi Black 8, Bangkok Claws 4.

Thanks go to the umpires, scorers, supporters and team organizers from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Not to mention congratulations to all players for a great tournament! See you next time girls!!

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The Lao Elephants kit up

Posted by hanoiswans on November 14, 2007

Tonight, the Vietnam Swans have an exclusive well worth telling your friends about. We can reveal the Lao Elephants’ new footy jumper which will be officially unveiled this weekend at the Vietnam Vs Thailand Vs Lao Tri Nations Tournament.

You may be wondering where the Swans could possibly pick up such a scoop… well, we took it from the Elephants’ brand new website which is located at

Yes, that’s right. The Elephants have their own website before they have even pulled on a boot in anger.

What a pack of pink posers…

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Netting a Tri Nations Tournament

Posted by hanoiswans on November 13, 2007

Fancy a souvenir T shirt from this historic and amazing weekend coming up? I’m not surprised.

The netballers have come up with the design to the left to commemorate the weekend. 100 t shirts have been made and will be on sale for $15 with proceeds helping the Oi’s develop netball in Hanoi.

The netballers are an organised lot. They have even produced a  which details the times of the Laos, Thailand and Vietnam netball matches as well as their festivities.

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Australian Ambassador does the Official Draw

Posted by hanoiswans on November 9, 2007

This morning, the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Bill Tweddell, did the Official Draw for the triple header on Saturday 17 November at the UN International School in Hanoi.

The Official Draw is:

  1. 12.30pm - 1.20pm: Vietnam Swans V Laos Elephants

  2. 1.40pm - 2.30pm: Laos Elephants V Thailand Tigers

  3. 2.50pm - 3.40pm: Vietnam Swans V Thailand Tigers

Netball will be played by the ladies in the morning at UNIS. The footy will start at 12.30pm.

The format for the footy tournament is a round robin with each match being 2 x 20min halves. The break at half time will be 10 minutes. There will be 14 players on the field and as many as you like on the bench. In the event of a draw, there will be no extra time. The winning team will have the highest number of wins. Where teams have won an equal number of games, percentage will determine the winner of the tournament.

As well as it being “Game on”, it will also be a good chance to see which of the three teams have the best moustaches. There should be plenty of ‘tache n passion as the three countries fight for glory on the field as well as raising awareness for men’s health issues during the month of Movember.  

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Swans advertise globally

Posted by hanoiswans on November 6, 2007

The Vietnam Swans have taken recruitment to a new and unprecedented level. In a bid to boost numbers, we’ve started recruiting travellers before they’ve even arrived in Vietnam!

Together with Wide Eyed Tours, an exciting travel company in Vietnam, we’re advertising in Europe, America and, of course, Australia. Wide Eyed Tours have put together their  and distributed it across the world marketing their tours. On the back page, they’re carrying a complimentary advertisement for the Vietnam Swans inviting travellers to come and join our training sessions when they’re over here. 

It won’t be just the Germans who are Wide Eyed when they find out about Aussie Rules in Vietnam!

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‘Tache n Passion - Vietnam Swans Players to Grow the Mo!

Posted by hanoiswans on November 2, 2007

Anyone feel like growin’ a mo in the month of Movember?

Two Swans have contacted the hierarchy about Movember – Saigon’s Clint Muzza and Quang Nghi’s Sam the Man of “Red Footy Boots with a Yellow Star” fame at the Asian Champs.

Movember is the month where those without a mo try to make those with a mo think that they are special. It’s all done to highlight men’s health issues such as depression and prostate cancer (see Muzza’s email with ).

So now we have two options and you can choose either, both or none:

1) Muzza will grow a mo to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue (see below for all details).

2) The Vietnam Swans are asking those who will play in the Vietnam Vs Thailand Vs Laos matches on 17 November to grow a moustache. We will use the occasion to raise awareness and some money which we will give to an appropriate local charity (details are still being finalized). There will also, inevitably, be plenty of after match frivolity with the mo.

Movember has already started so we need to now be growing.

On 17 November, we’re lookin’ for plenty of ‘Tache n Passion on and off the footy field.

Go n get growin’. Hearin’ me?

Links:  - the Official Movember website,  and - the National Depression initiative.

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China’s AFL link is kicking goals

Posted by hanoiswans on October 14, 2007

The Age, 13 October 2007

“WHEN Qantas flight 191 lands in Beijing on Monday night it will mark the start of a new phase in the Australia-China business relationship. On board are 1000 footballs, hundreds of pieces of football gear, a dozen businessmen, nine AFL rising stars, two sporting icons and one game plan: to kick goals for Melbourne.

“The 10-day mission is a small part of the “tipping point” needed for Melbourne and Victoria truly to reap sustainable long-term benefits from 25 years of building relationships with China.”

To read the rest of this article, click on the link to  or, if they have removed it from the site, read the  story in pdf format.

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