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Saigon’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 28 February 2013

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 26, 2013

Saigon President, Nick Shiells, is very keen to secure a top Saigon Committee at Thursday’s AGM.

Saigon President, Nick Shiells, who was elected President for the balance of 2012 as well as 2013 (following the early departure of Sam Conroy who relocated to the USA), outlines the positions up for grabs at the Saigon Annual General Meeting to be held at the Spotted Cow, on Thursday, 28 February, 2013.

Saigon President
Nick Shiells is locked in for 2013 as voted last year.

Ensuring that the club finances are in order and this task will become more onerous with more tours in 2013 and the imminent incorporation of the Club.

Attending all committee meetings and taking the minutes of the meetings.  The secretary has a responsibility to provide input on various topics that arise at the meetings.

Committee Member – Events
Responsible for events including ANZAC Friendship Weekend, Grand Final Party, Christmas Party, Best & Fairest, Sponsors Dinner etc.  This is a massive task and will be ably supported with the formation of sub committees for these big name events.  However we need someone to step up to the plate and take on the role of events manager.

Committee Member – Sponsorship
Securing new sponsors, retaining existing sponsors and meeting with sponsors to ensure that they are leveraging the Swannies and both parties are getting a “Nguyen-Nguyen” (“win-win”) out of the relationship.

Committee Member – Merchandise
Ensuring that respective kits/merch are ordered and distributed to both player and social members, ensuring that events are supplied with enough merchandise for sale and ensuring that our club owned inventory is accounted for. Recommended this person has a car and driver.

Committee Member – Logistics
Making sure that grounds are booked, water and other items are at the ready for consumption during training and that there are footballs to kick.  This is a crucial role and recommended that this person has a car and driver.

Committee Member – Player recruitment
In 2013, we are losing 4 of our top 5 in the Best and Fairest count from 2012.  Therefore this new position is vital and simple: find talented players and get them involved in the Club.  Make all new players feel welcome and ensure that they know that they have just joined the best club in the world.

Committee Member – Marketing/Graphic Design
Designing banners, posters, trophies, shirts and other items that require graphic design skill. Being a small club, looking good is very important.

Committee Member – Tours (In bound/Out bound)
This role requires one with the ability to ‘herd cats’.  Essentially it is sending out emails to determine who is attending events, booking hotels, booking buses, researching flights, communicating with the opposition team to organise things.  Ensuring that we retain our reputation for being great hosts and awesome travellers.

Committee Members
Potentially two additional resources on a committee level that can be allocated to assist in any role or sub for a committee member in a time of absence. To be discussed at the AGM. Or just to prevent us getting too thin on the big events such as Grand Final, etc.

To be announced on Thursday.

To be announced on Thursday.

Coaching Panel
Responsible for player issues, selection issues and determining a leadership group of 6 players. Coaching Panel is a three member group that comprises Saigon Pres, Coach  and Captain.

Leadership Group
To be announced at a later date by the coaching panel with discussion and the role of the leadership group will be to set an example of fitness and the effort and manner in which we conduct ourselves on and of the field.

The first job of any elected committee member is to select a non-committee member to act as their back up/supporting role in the event that they leave the country during the year or for a short period where they are out of action.

This is not a spectator event. If you have nominations please reply to me () and I will contact those nominated to attend. However, following the committee meeting, it would be awesome for us to celebrate at the Spotted Cow’s bar downstairs if anyone is not keen for a position but keen for a few beers.

You are free to nominate yourself or nominate anyone else for as many positions as you like.  Time to nominate closes at 1pm on Thursday, 28 Feb – 6 hours before the AGM.

If you are unable to attend please nominate to me your proxy.

Look forward to seeing you all there. Your Club needs you!

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