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Bairnsdale Advertiser publishes article about the Swannies, EAAFL and ANZAC Friendship Match

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 27, 2013

On 18 February, 2013, the Bairnsdale Advertiser (country Victoria) published an article by Jan Burrows titled, .

The article is reproduced below.

For those readers who read with interest the story last year of the ANZAC Friendship Aussie Rules Footy Match between Vietnam and China in which a former Bairnsdale resident played, then the latest news is that there has been a significant happening in Asia with the birth of the East Asian Australian Football League (EAAFL).

The concept has been raised a number of times over the years and recently a formal proposal was put together.

A week ago [26 January], the Cambodian Eagles hosted a match against the Vietnam Swans in Phnom Penh in the inaugural round of the EAAFL, the Eagles coming out convincing victors,

This is a pilot year for the league, a gathering of database and finding the best way to establish a competition, taking in the peculiarities and issues of playing Aussie Rules in Asia. Travelling expenses are a major factor, especially for those clubs in far flung corners such as East Timor, Bali, Beijing and Japan.

It is hoped this initial step will develop into a robust Asian League.

In the meantime, the big ANZAC Weekend match is on schedule, this year between the Vietnam Swans and Jakarta Bintangs to be held at Vung Tau [on Saturday, 27 April, 2013].

This has been scheduled as  the third match of the EAAFL for season 2013 involving the Swannies, the second will be against Malaysia late March.

Ninety people have already indicated they will travel to Vung Tau [from Australia] for what has become an important ANZAC Day occasion.

Vung Tau is of significant importance for Viet Vets being the former base of the Australian army during the Vietnam War and where the Australian forces often spent their rest and recreation leave.

President of the Vietnam Swans Phil Johns has been instrumental in setting up the Asian League and on a recent trip to Australia had meetings with the AFL Chairman, the Sydney Swans’ CEO and the president of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.

The Swannies raise funds for Swim Vietnam, a worthy cause to teach Vietnamese children to swim and help to lower the high incidence of young children drowning.

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