The Cannonball run proper is almost underway and there are anywhere between 10 and 20 Swannies game to tackle the most dangerous road trip in South East Asian footy. Plenty being discussed around town this week with the top factors being:

The Numbers : When even the Coach pulls out something is amiss. The Swans will be without the majority of the Manila Cup winning team and the group of guys in the red black and white will get as much game time as they could ever dare to wish for. The Milners have been keeping everyone guessing as they often do. Without them the Swans may not be able to field a team, with them they become quite formidable at both ends…


The Swannies just got over the line with 30 players, how will they fair without the bench depth of RMIT? – Pic Mcrae


The BOG: Tommy D has played every game for the Swans this year and has taken BOG in each one (arguably). Can anybody stop him? Will the eagles try to run someone with him? If so, how? Can he make up for the apparent shortfall of Swannies numbers? Will he pass the ball during the game?


Tommy D looks to have his work cut out for him. Pic Mcrae


The Cambodians: Not the expats, the Eagles indigenous players were the stars at RMIT. Not tall but fast, hard and never give up attidudes saw them hold the Eagles in the game and at a stage look like an outside chance of an upset. At home and possibly with even more hands on deck Asian Footy will be looking forward to one of the best local talent displays ever seen.


Sha Mac was so tormented by the Cambodian aggression that he’s staying curled up in a ball rather than making the return trip


The Trip: The infamous bus ride has claimed some big victims and with lack of numbers looking likely how will the Swans handle immigration, the casinos, the ferry and a couple of eskies? With an early start on Saturday don’t be surprised to see a few Swans kicking the wrong way at the start of each quarter.


The Swannies skipper has fallen astray several times on the Cannonball run, can he hold it together this year??


The Aggregate: The Eagles were a lot closer to the Swans last game than many would of expected. Falling short of winning the game the Swans will need to be within around 2 goals to maintain local bragging rights in one of the hottest rivalries around.


With 2 games in 3 weeks Saturday’s game has a double edge with the overall champion of SE Indochina to be decided. The Swannies hold a small edge but will have to be on guard against the Eagles at home.


The Shirts: Cambodian Eagles always wear shit shirts but now they encourage their guests to do so too. Who will manage to pull the worst shirt out of the Ben Thanh markets and hence have the best time Saturday night? What will Gus wear?