On the eve of the first Saigon home game for 2015 vietnamswans.com caught up with the reigning Dukesy Medallist (Swannies B&F) Nathan Milner for his thoughts on the season so far, his own position and of course tomorrow’s huge game.

VS: So you’ve played one game for one big win this season (the ANZAC Day game), how would you rate your form going into the home and away Cambodia games?

NM: The team is looking great after the awesome comeback win in Manila. I’m looking forward to having a run again especially with my parents on the sidelines cheering me on (they are visiting this week). But the unstoppable Milner brothers duo may not be happening for what may be the first time in history. Sean has informed me that he is not sure if he will pass the pre-game medical check (eds note: that sounds familiar!).

VS: How do you think the Swannies overall preparation is going into the game?

NM: Training the last couple weeks has unfortunately been a bit low on numbers. Maybe we are having a break coming off the Manila win, but I hope we don’t think we are gonna roll Cambodia. They are always looking to beat us and will come out hard. Remember boys, the win won’t just happen. We need to play like ANZAC day and Manila, 110% for the ball and work hard for each other.

VS: Coming of the prestigious Dukesy Medal last season do you feel any pressure to perform?

NM: Haha, it was such an honor to get such a medal and hope this year and I can continue to help build the culture and community of this great club.

nath M


VS: Lately there’s been some pressure on back line positions with guys like Trent, Sha Mac, Pierre, Roy and co looking like likely half back flanks, are there any other positions you’d consider if team balance called for it?

NM: It’s awesome how much talent is pouring into the club. Sha Mac, Pierre and Roy have very good skills, especially kicking and Trent will win the 50/50 ball all day. Honestly I get lost on the ball. I can’t run around like Tommy who gets 40 possessions on a bad day and I’m better at punching the ball rather than marking it. So if I’m not on the back flank, perhaps a back pocket or a defensive wingman would be alright.

VS: Who are you looking out for for big games this weekend?

NM: I’m looking to see Tom put in another BOG effort, also keen to see how Roy and Pierre go, not sure if I have seen them in an international game yet. Chris Salmon is also starting to get a good feel for the game, so would love to see him turn it on. It’s also gonna be interesting to see who will step into Mitch’s place… Is Timmy C going to kick 10 goals straight as he has always tells me he did in his former days? Gonna be a great game and lots of fun. Really looking forward to it. Go the Swannies!!!