Detailed Match Schedule (Approximate Times)

  • 10.00am – Cambodian Eagles vs Laos Elephants
  • 10.30am – Myanmar Fighting Cocks vs Thailand Tigers
  • 11.00am – Vietnam Swans vs Cambodian Eagles
  • 11.30am – Laos Elephants vs Myanmar Fighting Cocks
  • 12.00pm – Thailand Tigers vs Vietnam Swans
  • 12.25 – 13.15 Lunch
  • 13.15pm – Cambodian Eagles vs Myanmar Fighting Cocks
  • 13.45pm – Laos Elephants vs Thailand Tigers
  • 14.15pm – Vietnam Swans vs Myanmar Fighting Cocks
  • 14.45pm – Cambodian Eagles vs Thailand Tigers
  • 15.15pm – Laos Elephants vs Vietnam Swans
  • 16.00pm – Indigenous All-Stars vs Kangaroos

Match Rules & Important Information

  1. 12 players will be on the field due to size of ground.
  2. All interchanges must occur through the “interchange gate”.
  3. 25 metre penalties will apply, not 50 metres.
  4. Maximum of four players in the centre square for a bounce.
  5. Send off rule: A 10 minute sin-bin will apply for what would be a reportable offence including abusive language and time wasting. The player cannot be replaced during the 10 minutes. In the case of a particularly serious offence, the Marshalls will have the right to ban a player for the remainder of the competition. In this instance, the player can be replaced for the next game.
  6. Each team is permitted one team runner and two water boys/girls.

Duration of Games
Indochina Cup matches: 2 x 10 minute halves, with a 5 minute half time break (change of ends)
All-Stars vs Kangaroos: 2 x 15 minute halves, with a 5 minute half time break (change of ends)

Break Between Games
Teams will need to leave the field immediately after the final siren, as only 5 minutes will be available between games. Teams will need to be ready to take the field immediately after the preceding game has finished.

Coin Toss
The Captain (or representative) of each team must attend the Marshall’s Tent at half-time of the game preceding theirs for the coin toss to take place.