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Swans Calendar

Posted by on 23rd July 2007

Now that we’ve got the Asian Champs out of the way, the Vietnam Swans can really get started. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up:

Saturday 1 September: Vietnam Swans Vs Hong Kong Dragons, HCMC

Saturday 29 September: 2007 AFL Grand Final Party, HCMC & Hanoi

Saturday 6 October: Box Hill North, Narita Cup, Tokyo (an invitation has been extended to any Swans member to join the Box Hill North team)

Saturday 20 October: Vietnam Swans Vs Brunei Sharks, HCMC

Saturday 17 November: Vietnam Swans Vs Thailand Tigers, Hanoi

As always, it’s all good.

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Another night of entertainment for the Swans

Posted by on 22nd July 2007

Last night a number of Swans in Hanoi went out to My Dinh National Stadium to see the Soceroos face off against Japan in the quarter final of the Asian Cup. 

The boys witnessed a scoreline of 1-1 after 90 minutes plus 30 minutes of extra goals. Gus McEwin is rumoured to have commented that the Bali Vs Hong Kong AFL Grand Final at the Champs last week was slightly more exciting.

Then came the mandatory “heartbreak penalty shootout” where both teams take it in turns to try and shoot fish in a barrel. Japan shot more fish and won.

Meanwhile, all this was being watched on the big screen at the Green Mango Restaurant which was celebrating its 3rd birthday on Cat Ba Island. Mr Hai the owner was doing a superb job. 

Mr Ashley Brooks, long time supporter of the Green Mango and the Swans was there in fine form. In the side photo, he’s seen being carried off the ground. The smart money says that with the way he was woofing down the drinks last night and the bevy of beauties circling, he may have been carried off again!

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The Broadbeach Cats and Swans

Posted by on 22nd July 2007

You may recall the recent story about the Broadbeach Cats giving the Vietnam Swans a plug on their website.

Well, the Swans Blog has just learnt that ex Hanoi Swan, Rick Trewavas “is happy to report that Skilts (Bobby Skilton) and Barry Round (former South Melbourne ruckman) were guests of honour at the Broadbeach Cat’s recent luncheon (Roundy’s son is the captain at Broadbeach) and it was my pleasure to pick the boys up at the airport and host them for lunch.

“I’m honking - Go Swannies!”

At this stage, it’s not clear whether discussion about the Vietnam Swans dominated proceedings at the Cat’s luncheon.

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A Swan amongst the Cats

Posted by on 19th July 2007

You may remember the story last week that mentioned former Hanoi Swan Rick Trewavas being the inspiration behind the naming of the Bobby Skilton Club Rooms in Hanoi (see the side photo with a younger looking Micky Francis).

Well, Rick has written in with a that appeared on the website of Queensland’s Broadbeach Cats regarding the 8th Annual Asian Championships.

The Swans scored a special mention:

Commencing in Bangkok 14 July the 8th Annual Aussie Rules Championships offers some interest. The Competing Teams in 2007 China, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia-Jakarta, Vietnam (First appearance - go the Hanoi Swans), Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia-Bali.
As an example of commitment, there are 39 Vietnam Swans players and 5 spectators/officials with supporters coming from: Hanoi, Saigon, Laos, Cambodia, Tianjin, Singapore, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Honk yer horn if you love footy.

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Best wishes from a JB Winner

Posted by on 19th July 2007

In those heady days immediately prior to the Asian Champs, a message wishing the the Swans luck was received from our first ever Jim Beam winner in Saigon, Kerry Armstrong. But, unbelievably, it wasn’t published on the blog! 

Kerry, who has now returned to Perth with her 4.5 Mega Jim Beam bottle under her arm, sent Kevan Dacey the following message to pass onto the Swans:

Well boys, this is it! Go kick ass! Have a fabulous weekend. I just wish I was there with you all.

Got Jim home. Top taken off and enjoyed a little bevvy with daughter and son on the weekend. My daughter thinks it’s hers but I have got a taste for good old Jim.

Good luck, (Super Savvy Coach) Scotty!! Don’t stress too much (Prez) Phil; there is always Monday to look forward to.

I’m supporting this end and letting all my crew know about the MIGHTY SWANS!

Kerry, the blog is pleased to report the boys did very well and thanks for your support. And enjoy many more “little bevvies” from that Mega bottle of Jim! 

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The Red & White go Green Mango

Posted by on 18th July 2007

In the space of a few months, we have seen the Vietnam Swans distinctive goal-striped hats in many places worn by the beautiful (the Swanettes at Austrade’s Australian Schools Open Day), the bold (Austrade Commissioner, Kevan Dacey when he left his hat on a table to swim far out to sea to save a seagull) and the ugly (the players at the Asian Champs). (Incidentally, it is surprising that none of the Jim Beam Swanettes have ever been captured on film wearing a Swans hat.) 

This Saturday on Cat Ba Island, the extra lucky will be wearing their Swans hat at the Green Mango Resstaurant.

The Green Mango is a long time supporter of the Swans from Hanoi. They were a Gold Sponsor at our Grand Final event last year. And they also put on a cracking 2nd birthday party where we were very well looked after.

This coming Saturday, the Green Mango celebrates its 3rd birthday. And, if you’re wearing your Swans hat, you will receive 10 x 15,000 VND vouchers (10 x beers) and 10 per cent off the food bill

 Green Mango

It’s 250,000 VND for a 5 course tasting menu, glass of Italian wine, drink specials and door prizes plus your place on the dance floor to “boogie all night”. How good is that?

To reserve your place, contact Mr Hai on 0988 681 208 or . For information, check out the .

It’ll be an extra great night for those wearing their Vietnam Swans hat post the Asian Champs.

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Swans support “the kids”

Posted by on 4th July 2007

Micky J., from Hanoi, was back in Melbourne at the MCG on 1st July. Unexpectedly, he found himself in a Swans hat with a Doggies’ banner in the background.

The Dogs’ banner was dedicated to “The Kids”. Mick points out that “Where there’s an organisation that looks after kids, there you’ll find a Swans cap”.

If you were one of “the kids” at Hanoi’s Warmhouse Orphanage, at one of AusCham Big Day Outs, at Austrade’s Australian Schools Open Day or at the UN International School’s International Day, you will have already found some Swans - regardless of whether they were wearing a hat.   

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Check other sites re the Swans

Posted by on 28th June 2007

Do you sometimes wonder what the Swans are doing or what’s on the Swans’ site?

If you are, you have a few options. If you want to receive the hard hitting news first hand, you could: actually read this blog, come along to training or read the Prez’s frequent emails. If you prefer the news second hand, you could check out other sources.

On 5 June, the Swans posted a “Discussion Paper” from Pizza Dan of the regarding a proposal for establishing a very informal Asian Football League.   picked it up on 17 June.

Timeout Magazine published a story regarding the Vietnam Swans on Monday of this week (25 June). The story was attached as a pdf to this blog on the same day. For the benefit of those who missed the hard copy or the blog posting, check out Timeout online to read why the .

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Ed returns to Tassie, weather and surf

Posted by on 27th June 2007

The Mighty Mr Ed who left Vietnam a week ago has arrived back in Tasmania.

Ed reports that it’s “all great Down Under - except for the -4 temperatures on arrival. Got through shearing, lots of beers with the boys and of course, back in the water. First surf got hailed on in 8 - 10 degree water. Gotta love Tassie”.

Tassie will be more loveable when global warming has kicked in.

This photo may not be of Ed, but it is proof of Tassie’s decent surf!

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Timeout gives “time on” for the Vietnam Swans

Posted by on 25th June 2007

In today’s edition of Timeout magazine, which comes as an insert in the Vietnam Investment Review, is a double page spread on the Vietnam Swans and their upcoming debut appearance at the 8th Annual Asian Championships.

A scanned copy is attached. The quality of the reproduction isn’t perfect but is still very readable. If someone could scan and forward a lighter, higher resolution pdf for the blog, that’d be awwwwwwwwwwesome. Now, click on the attached .

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