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Former President escapes fine

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 12, 2007

Former Swans President, Dave “Flyer” Kainey, often points out what’s good and what’s not in Asian football.

It’s since been pointed out that the Flyer was the Bintang’s runner during the recent Champs - for which he miraculously escaped the wrath of the Fines Master, Pago. This has raised eyebrows and questions in some circles with whispers of favouritism. 

Kevan Dacey, by contrast was belted by the Fines Master for wearing a Brisbane Lions t shirt on match day and then a China Reds shirt during the fines session (what was Kev thinking there??).

While people are able to understand the Kevan Dacey situation, the same cannot be said for Dave Kainey.

Perhaps it’s time for the Fine Master to explain. When two people commit the same offence but only one is fined a double shot of Thai whiskey, you have a double standard. Plain n simple.

2 Responses to “Former President escapes fine”

  1. Pago said

    No one from The Bintangs was getting any of The Swans Thai whiskey. Simple.

  2. the bloke said

    The Flyer was definitely the slut of the championship:

    Listed in the Swans team;
    Flew over with the Singaporeans;
    Played with the Malaysians; and
    Had a stint as an umpire/runner/ball person/whatever.

    Who didn’t he get into bed with in order to get himself known around town? – Soi Cowboy could be heard singing that famous song (think Jailbreak), “Kainey Call him FLYER) Kainey (all him FLYER) Kainey”

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