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Five minutes with the Flyer: Scotty Stacey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 21, 2010

Dave "Flyer" Kainey

Dave Kainey (DK) is back with his “Five minutes with teh Flyer” segment. This time he speaks with veteran Hanoi Swans, key architect of the National Vietnam Swans Club and super savvy coach, Scotty Stacey. Scotty will be back in Saigon for this weekend’s Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Party.

1. OK Scotty, working in Vietnam for the best part of 9 years, what was the nature of your work? How was the journey?

I was the country manager for a Malaysian company that had ready mixed concrete and quarry operations. DK, as with everyone who works in Vietnam the journey was full of ups and downs. I dare say however mine might have been higher up the extreme scale than most being in the construction industry. The upside was that Hanoi in the early 2000’s was definitely the place to be in SE Asia, great parties, great expat scene and the (footy) panel on a Friday night, what more could you want! Then with the development of the Swans throughout the time I was there it was an unbelievable experience.

Scotty Stacey - key role in forging the national team, the Vietnam Swans

2. Your introduction to the Hanoi Swans and Australian Rules Footy in Vietnam, what did that look like?

Sad, DK, very sad. I remember the first training the Swans had was at the Army ground we used to play cricket at; a ground you could literally count the blades of grass with the fingers on both your hands. Just before we started, you waddled out to the centre (I believe that’s the first time I met you) and announced “They’re coming!” hailing the news Thailand and Hong Kong were coming for our inaugural game as the Swannies (in 2003). Murray the little army fitness freak working in the Embassy decided to get us fit immediately. So, my first training lasted 5 minutes with me gasping on the ground like a fish out of water. Luckily I survived to go onto the next training at an even worse ground….. but that’s another story!

3. Having played such a vital role in the transformation of the Hanoi Swans into the National Vietnam Swans, and seeing its continued development after leaving Vietnam, what thoughts go through your mind after umpiring matches on the northern coast of NSW?

Footy is footy all around the world! It’s all about having a red hot go with your team mates and I still get that out of umpiring. I joined umpiring because I’m just too old and fat to run around with these boys here but I’m enjoying it immensely. At least in Australia when someone abuses you, you can understand it!

4. Scotty. Coaching. A tough gig in any league, it was indeed a challenge and one you stuck at during the expansion of the Swans becoming a national team. What are your best memories of this time? Was there a Scott Stacey classic ‘spray’ or ‘motivational words’ you could share?

Scotty's desperation inspires the Swannies during the 2007 match against the Hong Kong Dragons

Mate, I was clearly out of my league as a coach; there was no doubt about that. The moment that sticks with me the most however was when HK came to Saigon about 2 weeks after they had taken out the Asian Champs on a long weekend when we had several key players out. It was p*&&ing down with rain at the beginning of the game, we got into a pregame huddle and I told everyone that these guys had come a long way for a game of footy and the Vietnam Swans needed to take pride in the jumper and give them one. We had everything against us but Danny, DT, Fabbo, Damo, all the boys just gave it all and we came in at half time up against the Champs. We went on to just go down but it was a huge game, and let me tell you, an even bigger night!

5. A magnificent experience for some of the Vietnam Swans players during your time was tasting your wife’s cooking. How have Za and your boys Zac and Sheridan adapted to life in Australia and what are you up to these days?

We have all adapted well. The kids are loving the better sport and outdoor opportunities and I am enjoying being involved with them. They play hockey in the winter and we had our first typical summer day last weekend with a camp fire on the beach the night before with a serious jungle mountain bike ride in the morning followed by a body surf down at the beach near the surf club. We are all surf lifesavers and big time beach bums!

Scotty, a great bloke but a rabid, one-eyed Crows' supporter at '07 Champs, BKK

6. Finally mate, your take on how the Swans have developed as a major player in Asian Australian Rules Football Football, since your departure?

That ball started rolling on the top floor of Pepperoni’s in Bao Khanh St (Hanoi) many moons ago and was inevitable from then. Awesome people in the past have been involved with the Swans and when I left the team was stacked with equally awesome people that will fuel it on to a bigger and better future. Phil, a true legend of the Swans and SE Asian footy undoubtedly drives the team but the momentum of the club is huge now and I am sure the Swans will move on bigger than ever. Having said that, those Cambodian’s they played last looked a threatening superior outfit, it was the jumper I think. Carn the Crows!

[Ed's note: The Little Guy, Pacey Stacey asked if the last question could be repeated, so here goes...]

6. Finally mate, your take on how the Swans have developed as a major player in Asian Australian Rules Football Football, since your departure?

Cheeky bugger! Long Live the Swans but… Carn The Crows!

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  1. Willy said

    Flyer the legend.

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