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Kels gets Monkey off back – and onto finger

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 29, 2011

Former Skipper, Monkey, gets married to Kels last Friday

Last Friday, back in Melbourne, former Skipper, Monkey, married Kels.

They were lucky enough to have Nat and Steph in their midst. Nat read a Swannies telegram to the crowd:

“Monkey, contrary to popular mischievous opinion, you are a living legend at the Vietnam Swans. That honour was stitched up when you left Vietnam which allowed us to squeeze the Payne Train in under the salary cap. Since then you have lifted the bar again; this time by jagging Ms Kels, Plain n simple, that is nothing short of an awwwwesome performance.

“Before moving on, let us not forget Led Suitcase. Arguably, your part ownership of this highly decorated greyhound makes you and Kels the Swannies’ first ever royal couple.

“Kels and Monkey, during your time over here in Vietnam, you always did make it look like you were made for each other. Today’s wedding bells bode well for the rest of your lives together.

“Congratulations from everyone at the Vietnam Swans.

“PS, Honk yer horn if you love the sound of wedding bells – and the Asian footy.”

Nat faithfully reported afterwards:

“Danny (Monk) was heard to mutter the words… ‘This day is huge for me.  I put it up there with playing for the Swans on ANZAC Day at the dog track in Vungers!’

“Then I think he came to his senses and realised the significance of such a day and that his wedding wasn’t quite that big.”

Steph adds:

“Monkey’s wedding was BRILLIANT… very relaxed… very fun…”

Congratulations to Monkey and Kels from all the Swannies.

And, next time you’re out on the street, honk yer horn if you luv a Swannies wedding!

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