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Brownies and baklava – but where’s Ban Ki-moon? Should the AFL’s Multicultural Round go International?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 30, 2012

Brownies and baklava – but where’s Ban Ki-Moon? Should the AFL’s Multicultural Round go international?

Swannies President, Phil Johns expresses a personal opinion and asks, “Should this weekend’s AFL Multicultural Round be renamed the International Round?”

This weekend, the AFL will celebrate . Multicultural Round is a celebration of ” ‘Many Cultures. One Game’ and (it) will highlight the community engagement initiatives of the Australian football industry, as well as the many players from culturally diverse backgrounds who make up 14 per cent of the AFL player list and represent 39 countries.”

It is another great initiative by the AFL which continues to play a leadership role in building strong and cohesive communities as part of its business model.

According to , multiculturalism “refers to the simple fact of cultural diversity: it is generally applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place.”

And so this weekend, there will be a terrific celebration of the different cultures that make up the AFL. No doubt, the cultural diversity will, in part, include discussions about lamingtons, brownies and baklava. All good stuff. But is there a bigger opportunity?

Celebrating multiculturalism is often about the dominant recognising and genuinely appreciating the minorities. And this weekend, this is what the big fish, the AFL is doing – for very legitimate reasons – but it is in a small pond called Australia.

Multiculturalism in Australia is an entree to a whole world of possibilities for footy. Photo, Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

Each of those cultures that will be celebrated this weekend, to state the obvious, will be connected to the countries they were imported from through family, friends, government and business.

Those countries will probably dwarf Australia in terms of population. Their populations will probably follow soccer in numbers that also dwarf Australia’s population.

But that is only part of the story.

There is a very good chance that the AFL will itself have a developing interest in some of these countries (eg Ireland, South Africa and China). And there is an excellent chance that there will be footy clubs and competitions already present in these countries (eg USA, Europe, Asia and South America). There’s a great chance that players and administrators in these countries and regions will be well connected in the local countries through business, government and NGOs (non governmental organisations).

Definitions of ‘international’ include “pertaining to two or more nations or their citizens; having members or activities in several nations; transcending national  boundaries or viewpoints”.

So, if the AFL’s Multicultural Round was to become the International Round, it would still allow a local celebration of cultural diversity in Australia as already occurs – but it would also open up a whole world of countries that are being introduced to Aussie Rules. It would give administrators and spectators in the Australian pond a taste of the global ocean and, inevitably, instil greater confidence.

For those involved in footy around the world, recognition from footy’s engine room back in Australia, would probably give them/us a greater sense of confidence as well.

“Multicultural” encourages us to keep it locally confined. “International” invites an exciting world of possibilities.

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Southern Dragons to tour Vietnam in October 2012

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 29, 2012

The Southern Dragons won the Inaugural Vietnam Australia Friendship Match on 7 January 2012. Can they successfully defend it on 27 October??

On the eve of the AFL’s Multicultural Round, the Southern Dragons, have confirmed that they would like to tour Vietnam again for their end of season trip in October.

The Dragons, a Melbourne based footy club comprising numerous players of Vietnamese origin, played against the Vietnam Swans in Saigon on 7 January this year.

We played for the Inaugural Vietnam Australia Friendship Match and the Dragons, despite the heat, were victorious. The final score was: Swans 5. 6. 36 def. by Southern Dragons 11. 14. 80

Attending that match was the newly appointed Australian Consul General, John McAnulty and Mick Martin from the Sydney Swans.

General Manager of the Southern Dragons, Tung Ly said that the players “really enjoyed the last trip (to Vietnam) and the camaraderie between the Southern Dragons and the Vietnam Swans”.

The Swannies President, Phil Johns said that it would be “absolutely sensational” to have the Dragons tour again. And, with the game scheduled for 27 October, it will be the ideal preparation for the Indochina Cup on 10 November 2012.

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June Newsletter from the Vung Tau Orphanage

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 28, 2012

Left, Chris Doullis (VIP Cabs Australia, a Club sponsor) and Ron Vernon with the children. Right, My Huong who runs the centre.

Ron and Ailsa Vernon are great supporters of both the Vietnam Swans and the Protection for the Centre of Children in Vung Tau and the Long Hais. Money raised from the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match was also donated to the Centre.

Below is an excerpt from their recently circulated .

It is good to be home again after a very rewarding experience in Vietnam. It is so good to see the children again and to see where the donations are being directed. The Project has so far donated almost $40,000.00 to the care of the children and provision for their futures, since we started in 2009. There are also two very needy families in the community which are assisted. These families are very grateful for your help and are doing as well as they can and much better than without the help they receive.

Despite not having a “normal” home life with biological family we really believe our children are far better off than many of the kids we see on the streets every day. Our children are loved, cared for and protected from harm in the Centre and people who visit the Centres always remark on the fact that they appear clean and well fed. There are a number of very sick children in the Centre mostly as a result of their HIV status and sadly one little boy died whilst we were there and two others have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. It does pose the question of HIV and their life expectancy, despite their excellent medical care being provided by the Bill Clinton Foundation.

The China Reds visited the Centre and made a $750 donation during the ANZAC Friendship Weekend..

…There were generous donations made by a visiting AFL football team from China after a visit to P Centre – thanks heaps, and from the Vietnam Swans which went towards the construction and concreting of the motorbike workshop area. We have also donated substantially towards the construction of new toilets, workshop and beauty training areas.

Swannies made an equal donation from the proceeds of the Anzac Day Friendship Match to their major cause, Vietnam Swim Program. Good on you Swannies and Reds.

…My Huong was appointed Deputy Director of the Long Hai Centre which actually comes with the princely income of VND5 million per month (A$250). This is a step forward but it just means that as well as her voluntary full time role in the other Centres, she goes to Long Hai (hour and a half round trip) a couple of times a week or as required. She still also teaches English at the Language School two nights per week and all day Saturday and Sunday to make a living to keep herself and family. You can’t help but be amazed at her dedication and energy…

To read the entire newsletter, click onto .

Would you like to help? Email: Ron and Aisla: [email protected] Phone: +61 (0) 747834109; Bendigo Bank, IA, RL & CG Vernon, BSB & A/c 633-000-114027691

Footnote: Last week, Ron and Ailsa wrote to the Vietnam Swans:

“Just looking at your calendar for the year and saw that we will be back in Vietnam for the Swannies’ AFL Grand Final Party. Do you have a venue yet or is it too early? Looking forward to catching up again.”

Ron and Ailsa, it’s absolutely locked in. It will be held at the Boomarang Bistro in D7, Saigon (and in Hanoi at Jaspas). Game on!

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WAFL and VFL Star, Austin Robertson, visits Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 27, 2012

WAFL Star, Austin Robertson and Phil Johns last Friday in Saigon.

Last Friday, Swannies President, Phil Johns caught up briefly with WAFL and VFL star, Austin Robertson. Yesterday, Austin visited the Long Tan Cross with Swannie, Glenn Nolan from Tommy’s Bar (a Club sponsor) in Vung Tau.

Robertson, is the WAFL’s leading goal kicker and, according to the in an article published on 7 May of last year, is “probably the most glaring example of deserving West Australian footballers absent from the AFL Hall of Fame”.

states that Robertson Jr (his father, Austin Snr, played for South Melbourne) was “a full forward and by the time he left Subiaco in 1974 he had amassed a WAFL record goal tally of 1211 goals, topped the season ending goalkicking tables eight times and kicked over 100 goals in a season six times.”

In addition to his WAFL haul, he also kicked 60 goals with South Melbourne during his sole VFL season in 1967 and 44 goals in 10 State matches for a total of 1315 goals. This puts Robertson in very exclusive company.

Only North Adelaide’s Ken Farmer (1417 goals), and St Kilda/Sydney star, Tony Lockett (1360), have kicked more goals at senior level.

Robertson in action for Subiaco.

Robertson was a premiership player with Subiaco in 1973. So, in summary, no wonder Subiaco President, Neil Randall, has been lobbying Robertson’s former team mate and Chief Commissioner of the AFL, Mike Fitzpatrick, for his inclusion into the AFL’s Hall of Fame!

After his playing career ended, Robertson worked for Kerry Packer and in the establishment of World Series Cricket.

Interestingly, just last month, the Age newspaper reported that Channel 9 is recording a

“Subtitled Kerry Packer’s War, it’s the tale, in the words of the media release, of how the late former owner of the network ‘took on the cricket establishment and won’. In less hyperbolic terms, it’s the story of World Series Cricket”, .

The Age continues, “One thing Howzat! will make clear for the first time is the central role John Cornell played in the coup that changed cricket. Though best known to the public as Paul Hogan’s dim-witted TV sidekick Strop, Cornell was a savvy operator and, together with player manager Austin Robertson, were the originators of the World Series Concept.”

Austin is a big fan of Vietnam and the Vietnam Swans. He will return to Australia in the next few days – but expects to be back here again in the next few months.

Related item of interest:

, West Australian, 30 January, 2009.

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AFL launches Multicultural Round with Speccy School!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 26, 2012

The AFL launches Multicultural Round with Natanui and Jesaulenko at AFL House yesterday. Christmas time, last year – middle, Tony Woods, with Swannies hat in front of same mural at AFL House and right, Annie and Jezza with Swannies hat.

The reports that yesterday it launched Multicultural Round at AFL House with two of the game’s greatest markers, Nic Natanui and Alex Jesaulenko with a “speccy school”.

It sounds like there was great respect for each other’s capabilities:

“As a kid I didn’t know anything about football”, said Natanui, a Fijian. “But I used to know those few words, ‘Jesaulenko, you beauty!’ I used to kick the socks around the house and try and take speccies on my brother, and I’d be yelling his name out.”

Jesaulenko replied that “he’s sensational.”  “He’s won over all of my grandchildren. I have to get a couple of autographs from him to take home.”

And for those wondering how you get into the speccy club, Jezza warns that it doesn’t come easily.

“When I first started off in Canberra, we had one ball before training and there’d be 20 up one end and 20 up the other end. If you wanted a kick, there were two ways to get it: either jump and mark, or fight 19 other guys when it hit the ground. “

Related items of interest:

  • To read the full article, click onto .
  • is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the game’s cultural diversity. Currently 14 per cent of the  AFL’s player list comes from 39 countries. The AFL will also select a Multicultural Team of Champions. Already named as Captain is Alex Jesaulenko and the coach will be Jock McHale. Other big names to be considered for the team include Daicos, Jakovich, Stynes, Mitchell, Rocca, DiPierdomenico etc etc. for the full article. Multicultural Round could also provide an ideal opportunity for the AFL to leverage off the international network of volunteer footy clubs throughout Asia, Europe, the South Pacific and the US.
  • At Christmas time last year, the AFL’s Manager for International Development, Tony Woods, was photographed with a Swannies hat, standing in front of the same mural in AFL House, where Nic n Jezza were standing yesterday. The mural depicts 150 years of Aussie Rules and includes Jezza’s classic mark in the 1970 Grand Final. Two prints of that mural, signed by Kevin Sheedy,  have been donated to the Swannies by Vietnam Veteran, Kenny Earney. One was auctioned at last year’s Swannies AFL Grand Final Party. The second will be auctioned at this year’s Grand Final Party.
  • Alex and wife Annie, were photographed with a Swannies hat last Christmas.
  • Nic Natanui has travelled to Cambodia on a number of occasions where he has caught up with the Cambodian Eagles.

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Match Report: 3rd Reds Vs Whites Match, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 25, 2012

The Skipper, Dukes, made a welcome return to footy – and the Reds – on the weekend. The Reds went on to win by a goal.

Arguably, one of the greatest students of the game ever, Shannon “Shag” Leahy, provides some penetrating insight into last weekend’s 3rd Reds Vs Whites Classic in Saigon.

In what was possibly the hottest internal game at RMIT, the Swannies ventured out in the searing heat for the 3rd Red’s v White’s Blockbuster. The mighty Whites were going in victorious from the past two matches, having just beaten the Reds in a waterlogged ripper two weeks ago, which even featured a snake in the middle of the ground!

There were some huge early omissions; the teachers led by Heater and the ‘all Asia beanstalk’ Nat were out, as was Nick “BB” Shiells. There was even a late withdrawal from Ross Ah!McRae who was reportedly at home in fetal position after hearing Matthew Boyd’s supercoach score that morning.

When the White’s lined up, there were murmurings in the Red’s forward line that something was going on. Champion ‘Red’ midfielders, Dukes and Qui were lining up in back pockets – the move was brilliant with both sweeping across the half back flank all game and limiting the White’s relentless forward pressure.  Kyle was in fine form, taking some solid chest marks and converting like a true forward as was Moggy up the other end who was leading and taking overhead marks like Riewoldt (when Riewoldt was good).

Going into half time, it was even stevens with 5 goals a piece. Despite the big name omissions, there were some big first gamers who came in for the Whites that shook the Red’s composure, especially in the second half. Nick, who demonstrated skill at taking one handed ‘speccys’ and Craig who had plenty of scoring shots and finally kicked that ripper goal he’d been chasing all day. Special mention to fellow Swannie and Canadian recruit, Harry who is absolutely lifting his game to another level in 2012 with some awesome hard bumps laid on the ‘Reds’ and second efforts that would put Buddy Franklin to shame.

In the second half the midfielders really took to the fore. Irish John was in great form and is surely the next Marty Clarke, whilst Dave O’Shea must have racked up 40 possessions with a supercoach score of 180 at least. Damo was also having a blinder for the Red’s and kicked a beauty on the run on the non-preferred side. Play of the day however goes to Nathan who in the third quarter busted through the centre bounce at a bursting pace of speed to deliver a 40m stab pass to the safe hands of Moggy who converted from an angle. This correspondent was too weary to remember the final goal but it was this third quarter play that no doubt won it for the ‘Reds’ – victorious by a goal at full time.

After the match, the Swannie’s slumped under the gazebo after the hottest knock out in scratch match history. For the first time ever, all the water was drunk dry by 3 quarter time and the Swannies were forced to replenish the fluids with cold tinnies of Tiger. The heroes of the game were too numerous to name but special final mention again to Dave ‘Dreamteam’ O’Shea who got the all important WAG’s vote for best on ground.

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Swannies give farewell trophy to departing Australian Ambassador

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 24, 2012

Swannies’ President, Phil Johns, gives the outgoing Ambassador, Allaster Cox, a farewell trophy.

On Thursday, 21 June 2012, the Vietnam Swans presented the outgoing Australian Ambassador, Allaster Cox, with one of the Club’s farewell trophies that says, “You can leave the Club. but not the country. Honk!”

Swans National President, Phil Johns said that the Vietnam Swans had greatly appreciated the support of the Australian Ambassador during his appointment.

Allaster had been a great supporter of the Club in Hanoi attending numerous events – and this was acknowledged two days earlier when our Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins presented Allaster with a club polo shirt.

From a national perspective, Johns highlighted Allaster’s support of the Swannies’ signature event, the ANZAC Friendship Match. In the inaugural year of the event back in 2010, Allaster had made a special effort to attended and had been flanked by the former HCMC Consul General, Defense Attache, Austrade Commissioner and Auscham Executive.

This was particularly significant as just four years earlier, the prevailing wisdom was that such a match may not be appropriate due to the prevailing political climate.

On behalf of the Swannies, Johns thanked Allaster again and wished him well in the future.

Allaster thanked the Vietnam Swans and he spoke enthusiastically and generously about the role that we play in the local community.

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The world’s most ridiculous traffic sign!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2012

A photo of the world’s most ridiculous traffic sign was taken in the Big Apple yesterday.

Danny Armstrong opened the world’s most awesome bank in Vietnam, Australia’s leading bank, the Commonwealth Bank. History will show that the Commonwealth Bank went on to become a major sponsor of the Vietnam Swans.

Yesterday, Danny Armstrong, on assignment in New York City, took a photo of the world’s most ridiculous traffic sign: a sign that says, “Don’t honk”.

Every self respecting Swannie knows to honk if they love the footy. And that’s why we’re all honkin’ in Vietnam.

Clearly, the fun police have hit the Big Apple hard, creating big problems.

Or, have they created a big opportunity for an entrepreneurial banker?

Danny, is a banker to the core and is rumoured to be standing on the same corner issuing $350 on the spot ‘convenience fees’ to unsuspecting motorists explaining, “Mate, didn’t you read the sign? It’s 350 bucks if you don’t honk.”

Honk if ya love an Asian banker in the Big Apple promoting the footy!

Related item:

Click here to read how the New York Magpies managed to pip the Swannies in the  search for Australia’s favourite international footy jumper back in 2008.

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The Hanoi Prez: birthdays, training, Trenter and ANZAC docos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2012

Dan Hopkins, Hanoi President. Photo, Mark Stennett Photography.

Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins, whips the flock into a feeding frenzy. Read on!

Hi all,

The heat is turned up to the max and the humidity far surpasses that. Yet, we still managed to get 12 to training last night at the embassy. Great stuff. Thanks to the girls from the Hanoi Oi’s netball club who are now joining us consistently every second week.

Hopefully we can get the same numbers out tomorrow also.

Our Hanoi ‘Superstar Swan’, Skipper Ado, is celebrating his birthday this weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!

Adam ‘Macca’ McDonald, who umpired our ANZAC Friendship Match this year, competed in the Adam finished in 57th place out of 524 runners. Great effort by the big fella.

Some say that if you attach a contraption to a dog that hangs a stick in front of its nose, just out of reach, that dog will run all day. Comparatively, if you put a Sherrin out on a ground, the Swannies ‘City Swinger’, Trent Mears, will chase that ‘Shes’ all day; as he will be doing tomorrow at training. Welcome back to Hanoi, Trent!

ANZAC Friendship Weekend Doco: There has been a 30 minute documentary put together about the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Weekend by Steve Drummond. Nick Shiells picked up the original DVD in Melbourne yesterday. We will be holding a Mega Swannies’ Viewing before its world wide release on, yes, you got it… youtube! Date to be confirmed so look out for that one.

See you all tomorrow at training

As heard in 2012, “What Measurements?”

Go you Swans!!!

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Preview Game 3, Reds Vs Whites, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2012

Dave O’Shea delivers another deadly accurate match preview. Laces out, of course.

Superstar, Dave O’Shea, previews tomorrow’s Reds Vs Whites Game 3 Blockbuster in Saigon.

When: 2pm, Saturday, 23 June
: RMIT, District 7, Saigon
Entry Fee
: Free

Sentimental Value: Matt Nattalotto’s last match before leaving Vietnam and going to the Philippines

It’s that time of the month again when the toughest men in Saigon come together to battle out a game of Aussie Rules Football. The Saigon Reds will once again take on the Saigon Whites. The Whites have been victorious in the previous two matches. Can the Reds turn the result around or will the Whites continue their dominance in Saigon?

Where it will be won!!

This will be Matty Smashalotto’s last match for the Whites. Matty earned the nickname “Smash-a-lotto” after orgainsing the ANZAC boot camp for us back at the start of the year. His cross fit work out was so good that the Swannies continue to use it at their regular Saturday training sessions.

Can the Red team send Matt off as a winner? After the match, we will have a send off for Matt at  7pm at 33 Nguyen Trung Truc in D1. In a pre match interview, Matt was quoted as saying, “It’s my favourite BBQ joint near corner of Ly Tu Trong“. It must be good!!!!

The Red team should welcome back two of their star players in Luke “Dukes” Creamer and Big Bad Bustlin’ Billy Crang. Both have been sidelined for different reasons in the previous two encounters. Dukesy has been out with a slight injury to his back whilst Billy has been out with depression due to his good mate, Josh Murray, leaving Vietnam. Billy has only just reappeared after going missing for two weeks following Josh’s departure. Both players should add a new dimension to the Reds.

With the education world of An Phu shutting down (yep, the teachers are on holidays again), this could perhaps leave some massive holes in both teams. One of the biggest losses for the Reds will be Nat Payne. Last match, Nat was on fire off the half back line, playing a loose man in defence and cutting off everything the Whites were delivering up forward. At training the following Tuesday we even did a drill that helped us be more like the “the shin-boner of the century”, Nat Payne. How will the Reds cope with the absence of their star backman?

The Reds will need to find a way to stop the Whites’ forwards of Kyle and Shagga. Last time the only defender that was able to stop these two was a green tree snake that perched itself on the half back line. How will the Reds prevent the strong leads of Kyle and Shags without the snake?

Now that big Aaron Sandilands is injured for the Fremantle Dockers, Ross McRae (graphic designer) has been approached by Ross Lyon to be the Number 1 ruckman for the Freo Dockers. This will no doubt be a huge loss for the Whites. Ross has been struggling with his supercoach this year and is looking forward to putting in a stronger performance on the field for the Freo Dockers. Good luck from everyone in Saigon to Ross on his move from Saigon to Perth.

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Swannies running and swimming and succeeding

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 21, 2012

Adam MacDonald does the Phuket Marathon in style; Chris Batchelor “Palauan National 5km Open Water Swim Champion – a big fish in a very small pond”, reports the Palauan Post. Photo, Mark Stennett Photography.

On Sunday 10 June, 2012, Adam McDonald, who umpired our ANZAC Friendship Match this year, competed in the Adam finished in 57th place out of 524 runners.

Adam modestly writes, “Yes, (I) struggled through (but) no photos.  Just happy to finish”.

Adam’s then quickly  back on the attack with, “Next run is the half marathon at Sapa (near Hanoi) in September and then that half marathon at Angor Wat, Cambodia. That marathon raises money for land mine clearances”.

From all the Swannies, congratulations, Adam!

Meanwhile, over in Palau (near the Philippines), it’s time to catch up with the irrepressible Chris Batchelor again (formerly based in Hanoi). The last time we heard from Chris, he was scuba diving with his Swannies hat. This time he is blitzing in the ocean!

The highly regarded Palau Post reports that, “long distance swimmers Chris Batchelor and Holly Farlin shared the limelight as they topped their respective divisions in the 7′”‘ Open Ocean swim held at the magnificent beach of the world-class Palau Pacific Resort.”

The 54 year old Chris Batchelor, who has described himself as the “Palauan National 5km Open Water Swim Champion” goes on to modestly concede that he is “a big fish in a very small pond”.

Chris adds, “despite the glorious newspaper headline, three women came in before me – one of whom will represent Palau (as a swimmer) in the London Olympics. Surprisingly, she was the third woman to come in.”

Ah, Batchelor…, where’s the Swannies hat? Surely a school boy error not to have your Swannies’ hat when the press are circling?? “I didn’t anticipate making the distanc,e let alone victory, otherwise I would have prepared and worn the Swannies cap. Next time…”

Congratulations to Batchelor for swimming in a small pond!

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Johnsies carve it up in Melbourne – on and off the field.

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 20, 2012

The Johnsies – carving it up, on and off the field, in Melbourne.

Arguably, one of the biggest football names in Melbourne, the Johnsies, have continued to carve it up on and off the field.

On Saturday, Lachie Johns, nephew of the Swannies’ Johnsy, aka Fabbo, made his debut in the seniors for the Vermont Eagles in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The caption below the photo above reads,

“Our 2012 ex Junior debutants continue to serve us well. This week it was Lachlan Johns. He had a terrible time over the summer with injury and after just two games in the Reserves was picked to play in the seniors on Saturday. He was given the honour of leading the victorious team off the ground.”

Well done, Lach!

Arguably, Asian football’s most adorable player, Gus. And he’s back in Vietnam from 1 July!

Meanwhile, his sister, Kristen Johns, has appeared on a Fox Footy promo for the upcoming match between Collingwood and West Coast (see photo above on right).

Of the three Collingwood supporters in frame, it is believed that Kristen is the only one to be sporting her own set of teeth.

It remains frustratingly disappointing that if only Kristen had been a Swannie rather than a Maggie, she would be an angel.

In other news at the Vermont footy club, the same newsletter reports that it will hold a on 11 July 2012. The big guns to come out that night include Daniel Harford, Kevin Bartlett, Rodney Hogg and Nick Maxwell.

It’s amazing the talent you can muster up in a city half the size of Saigon.

But the Vermont Eagles have got nuthin’ compared with the Swannies. The Swannies are about to welcome back to the country a man who is, arguably, Asian football’s most adorable player, Gus.

He’s back on 1 July for an unlimited time.

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