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Preview Game 3, Reds Vs Whites, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2012

Dave O’Shea delivers another deadly accurate match preview. Laces out, of course.

Superstar, Dave O’Shea, previews tomorrow’s Reds Vs Whites Game 3 Blockbuster in Saigon.

When: 2pm, Saturday, 23 June
: RMIT, District 7, Saigon
Entry Fee
: Free

Sentimental Value: Matt Nattalotto’s last match before leaving Vietnam and going to the Philippines

It’s that time of the month again when the toughest men in Saigon come together to battle out a game of Aussie Rules Football. The Saigon Reds will once again take on the Saigon Whites. The Whites have been victorious in the previous two matches. Can the Reds turn the result around or will the Whites continue their dominance in Saigon?

Where it will be won!!

This will be Matty Smashalotto’s last match for the Whites. Matty earned the nickname “Smash-a-lotto” after orgainsing the ANZAC boot camp for us back at the start of the year. His cross fit work out was so good that the Swannies continue to use it at their regular Saturday training sessions.

Can the Red team send Matt off as a winner? After the match, we will have a send off for Matt at  7pm at 33 Nguyen Trung Truc in D1. In a pre match interview, Matt was quoted as saying, “It’s my favourite BBQ joint near corner of Ly Tu Trong“. It must be good!!!!

The Red team should welcome back two of their star players in Luke “Dukes” Creamer and Big Bad Bustlin’ Billy Crang. Both have been sidelined for different reasons in the previous two encounters. Dukesy has been out with a slight injury to his back whilst Billy has been out with depression due to his good mate, Josh Murray, leaving Vietnam. Billy has only just reappeared after going missing for two weeks following Josh’s departure. Both players should add a new dimension to the Reds.

With the education world of An Phu shutting down (yep, the teachers are on holidays again), this could perhaps leave some massive holes in both teams. One of the biggest losses for the Reds will be Nat Payne. Last match, Nat was on fire off the half back line, playing a loose man in defence and cutting off everything the Whites were delivering up forward. At training the following Tuesday we even did a drill that helped us be more like the “the shin-boner of the century”, Nat Payne. How will the Reds cope with the absence of their star backman?

The Reds will need to find a way to stop the Whites’ forwards of Kyle and Shagga. Last time the only defender that was able to stop these two was a green tree snake that perched itself on the half back line. How will the Reds prevent the strong leads of Kyle and Shags without the snake?

Now that big Aaron Sandilands is injured for the Fremantle Dockers, Ross McRae (graphic designer) has been approached by Ross Lyon to be the Number 1 ruckman for the Freo Dockers. This will no doubt be a huge loss for the Whites. Ross has been struggling with his supercoach this year and is looking forward to putting in a stronger performance on the field for the Freo Dockers. Good luck from everyone in Saigon to Ross on his move from Saigon to Perth.

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