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The Hanoi Prez: birthdays, training, Trenter and ANZAC docos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2012

Dan Hopkins, Hanoi President. Photo, Mark Stennett Photography.

Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins, whips the flock into a feeding frenzy. Read on!

Hi all,

The heat is turned up to the max and the humidity far surpasses that. Yet, we still managed to get 12 to training last night at the embassy. Great stuff. Thanks to the girls from the Hanoi Oi’s netball club who are now joining us consistently every second week.

Hopefully we can get the same numbers out tomorrow also.

Our Hanoi ‘Superstar Swan’, Skipper Ado, is celebrating his birthday this weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!

Adam ‘Macca’ McDonald, who umpired our ANZAC Friendship Match this year, competed in the Adam finished in 57th place out of 524 runners. Great effort by the big fella.

Some say that if you attach a contraption to a dog that hangs a stick in front of its nose, just out of reach, that dog will run all day. Comparatively, if you put a Sherrin out on a ground, the Swannies ‘City Swinger’, Trent Mears, will chase that ‘Shes’ all day; as he will be doing tomorrow at training. Welcome back to Hanoi, Trent!

ANZAC Friendship Weekend Doco: There has been a 30 minute documentary put together about the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Weekend by Steve Drummond. Nick Shiells picked up the original DVD in Melbourne yesterday. We will be holding a Mega Swannies’ Viewing before its world wide release on, yes, you got it… youtube! Date to be confirmed so look out for that one.

See you all tomorrow at training

As heard in 2012, “What Measurements?”

Go you Swans!!!

2 Responses to “The Hanoi Prez: birthdays, training, Trenter and ANZAC docos”

  1. Willy said

    awesome stuff Hanoi Prez!!

    & happy birthday Adrian..

    Go you Swannies!!

  2. mj said

    A fantastic PREZ, but NEVER let this guy be TREZ. Remember when we played 5-a-side with 2 subs each last night, Dan, plus another on the sidelines = ???

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