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The world’s most ridiculous traffic sign!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2012

A photo of the world’s most ridiculous traffic sign was taken in the Big Apple yesterday.

Danny Armstrong opened the world’s most awesome bank in Vietnam, Australia’s leading bank, the Commonwealth Bank. History will show that the Commonwealth Bank went on to become a major sponsor of the Vietnam Swans.

Yesterday, Danny Armstrong, on assignment in New York City, took a photo of the world’s most ridiculous traffic sign: a sign that says, “Don’t honk”.

Every self respecting Swannie knows to honk if they love the footy. And that’s why we’re all honkin’ in Vietnam.

Clearly, the fun police have hit the Big Apple hard, creating big problems.

Or, have they created a big opportunity for an entrepreneurial banker?

Danny, is a banker to the core and is rumoured to be standing on the same corner issuing $350 on the spot ‘convenience fees’ to unsuspecting motorists explaining, “Mate, didn’t you read the sign? It’s 350 bucks if you don’t honk.”

Honk if ya love an Asian banker in the Big Apple promoting the footy!

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