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  • AFL Grand Final Parties, Hanoi & Saigon

    September 29th, 2012
    12 days to go.
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    29 September, Vietnam Swans' 2012 AFL Grand Final Parties; Hanoi (Intercontinental Hotel) & Saigon (Boomarang Bistro)

    26-28 October, Asian Gaelic Games, Kuala Lumpur.

    27 October, Vietnam Swans Vs Southern Dragons, Saigon

    Vietnam Swans' 2012 National Sponsors


Who will win the 2012 Swannie of September? Send in your photos!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 15, 2012

L to R: Sponsor, Cameron Luke and Alex Jesaulenko; Hanoi Swannie, Edo Davide in the northern Italian Alps, Former Saigon Prez, Sammy Conroy eating Vietnamese in Atlanta and Matthew Luke above Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Last year, we ran the Swannie of September photo competition for the first time. Ken Rowe of Newman in outback Western Australia won it (see winning photo here).

All you need to do is take a magic photo with a Swannies’ flavour to it – usually a hat, shirt etc. Bonus points will be awarded if there is some sort of a connection with the AFL Finals but that is not compulsory. No restrictions on creativity!

Already we have some cracking entries:

  1. Club Sponsor, Cameron Luke from Lagler Australia with Official AFL Legend, Alex Jesaulenko.
  2. Swannie from Hanoi, Edo Davide the man mountain, in the mountains of Italy; specifically the Italian Alps.
  3. Former Saigon Prez, Sammy Conroy – eating a bowl of Vietnamese noodles in Atlanta, USA
  4. Swannies’ supporter, Matthew Luke (son of Cameron) at Marina Bay Sands overlooking the Singaporen skyline.

If you have a great Swannies’ photo email it to the and you could win a Swannies’ shirt for being the 2012 Swannie of September!

  • to see more Swannies’ Classic Shots of our hats in amazing places.

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