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Taber Talk’s footnote to the 2012 AFL Grand Final

Posted by Vietnam Swans on October 4, 2012

Taber Talk – a ratings winner during the 2012 AFL Finals.

He was opinionated. He was controversial. He was straight talking.

Since 2007, former Hanoi President, Daryl Taber has been writing the highly anticipated Taber Talk column each year during the AFL Finals’ Series. In last week’s Grand Final Edition, he delivered a thought provoking column.

This morning, Taber delivers the 2012 AFL Grand Final’s footnote.

Could’ve been more mega for Hawks’ supporters.

I don’t mind if it’s not A1 football played if it’s contest after contest, and close, after ebbs and flows.

No fights, good umpiring and rain held off… and Taber Talk got it very, very right also.

Game over!

To refresh your memory as to exactly where Taber Talk “got it very, very right”, click here.

The Vietnam Swans thank Daryl Taber for yet another season of Taber Talk – the column other columnists quote. We all look forward to Taber Talk returning for the 2013 AFL Finals’ Series.  

5 Responses to “Taber Talk’s footnote to the 2012 AFL Grand Final”

  1. robbie waterhouse said

    tt.. what hve you done to me maaaaaaate.

    the worst tips to the worst punters and then in the one that counts you do a backflip on me and give away the script right to the end. not only give’n punters the winner in the GF but almost the exact margin!!

    me mum gai just won’t get off me back but then again nor will danny nikolic.

    next year keep ya eyes on the road tt.

    ya old mate,


  2. Gazza Jnr. said

    i’ve always said i’m not into gossip, nor giv’n a damn half me team mates can’t get a kick but there is one thing for sure i punt with taber talk every year come September.

    taber give us a buzz and we’ll catch up for a bia for sure.

    gazza jnr.

    • Incognito said

      ‘sure thing’ gazza….let’s cut out the takings over a sip or two….and bring Senior with you….the lord is my shepherd

      • Gazza Jnr. said

        dad said he would join us mate he’s out pig shoot’n with miss australia maaaate. seriously jealous. but hey they don’t call him god for no reason.

        bia soon tt.

        gazza jnr.

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