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Hoi An contingent make pledge for 2012 Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on October 22, 2012

The Hoi An Swannies get serious about the 2012 Indochina Cup. Click to enlarge the pic to read the pledge.

The Hoi An contingent comprising Micky J, Simon Burns and Jason “I love sleeping in Asian Airports” McDonald are in serious preparation for the 2012 Indochina Cup in Hanoi. On 16 October last week, Micky J even reported that they had made a pledge…

They must have put something in the water or beer in Hoi An because the Hoi An contingent for the Indochina Cup 2012 has made a pledge!

It has decided to give up grog for three  weeks to prepare for the big event.

3 Players + 3 Weeks + 0 Alcohol = 3-Peat!!! is our new motto (it’s a bit of a long motto, but it was a spur of the moment sort of thing. So, no time to run it past the marketing gurus. It’s also average maths, but what the heck; this is Asian Footy!)

UPDATE, Last Saturday, 20 Oct from MJ:

Lat night (Friday), the three lads from Hoi An had a kick of the footy in the shin high grass behind the dustbowl being used for Friday night’s, seven-a-side soccer, on the on the ground near the Cam Chau Kindergarten and Nguyen Trai High School.

Competition for space was tight with the local farmer believing his family of three brahman cattle had equal rights to be there. No one was arguing with the bull, who looked like he was ready to practice becoming a father again.  Once the mother and calf broke their tethers and ran through the screaming teenagers doing their PE training with the farmer in chase, out came Simon’s brand new Sherrin, thank you very much!

Using the natural resources to aid our training, we did blind turns around fresh cow pats, sold the dummy to the Brahman bull, had Simon dobbing barrel sausage rolls over the rusting full-pitch soccer goals, while Jason introduced the screaming schoolgirls to the concept of give and get by handballing to them as they did their laps and MJ learned a new way to fluff a short pass by getting his shin caught in the long grass!

Tonight is (was) the last chance for the three lads to have an ale before they honour their pledge to go alcohol free for three weeks to help Swannies 3-peat ICC.

Youse guys in the north and south don’t know what youse are missing!

Go Swannies!

One Response to “Hoi An contingent make pledge for 2012 Indochina Cup”

  1. Willy said


    has the heat got to you again mate??

    me thinks you have forgotten chapter IV, section 6.1.12, part iii of the Swannies training code of practice established by our great forefathers:

    ‘when modus operandi has finished & one is whithered in the paddock, the sherrin a touch more tethered, one’s foot in akin to thy Macropus Rufus leather then thee with they Swannies are to attend thee closest bia hoi’.

    Go You Swannies!!

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