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Skipper Luke “Dukes” Creamer awarded 2012 Best & Fairest; Phil Ghasseb awarded National’s Most Determined

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 18, 2012

The season’s bookends: triple Best & Fairest and Skipper, Luke “Dukesy” Creamer, hobbling down stairs on the Vung Tau ANZAC Boot camp in February and last weekend, picking up the 2012 Best & Fairest award. Between bookends, there were the one arm push ups such as during the Swannies’ 3peat Indochina Cup last weekend.

National President, Phil Johns, congratulates Luke “Dukes” Creamer upon being awarded the Vietnam Swans’ 2012 Best & Fairest.

For the third consecutive year, our Skipper, Luke “Dukesy” Creamer has picked up the Vietnam Swans’ Best & Fairest.

Breathing right down his neck in the vote were Dave O’Shea and Mega Bretta Jotta.

The count was held last weekend in Hanoi, the day after the Club’s victorious Indochina Cup campaign (also for the third consecutive year)

When Dukesy was appointed Captain three years ago, he said he wasn’t one for giving speeches; he just wanted to get out onto the ground and lead from the front. And that is exactly what he has done – with the exception that under his stewardship, he has had to give speeches off the  ground with increasing frequency. It comes with the territory when you are winning. Indochina Cups, ANZAC Friendship Matches, Phoenix Cups and Best & Fairests to name a few.

The other thing about Dukes is that whenever he speaks, people listen. It is true that he’s an economist with words; but you can be when each word nails the message (and don’t the backmen know that!!).

On the ground, he always gets close attention from the opposition which is intent on trying to shut him down. But, also always, he is able to break free and bang a long goal off his own boot or set one up. “Captain’s Goals” are his specialty. They’re the big goals that he regularly produces when the team really needs one.

Often he’s at the bottom of the pack, making time when there is none, changing the direction of the ball with a deft flick or tap and offering plenty of “instructional talk” to those around him.

Phil Ghasseb, The Vietnam Swans’ 2012 Most Determined Player.

Dukes, a magnificent achievement. Three consecutive Best & Fairests in the Club’s three best years on the field suggest serious evidence of awesomeness.

Congratulations from all the Swannies!

National’s 2012 Most Determined Player: Phil Ghasseb (By Captain, Luke “Dukes” Creamer)

Phil Ghasseb is one of the first picked in the side but is one of the least acknowledged players in the team in terms of awards.

Phil is super reliable, a hard nut and is never beaten.

He attends all sessions regardless of injury and has been a consistent contributor in all internationals this year and a key player in Saigon’s Reds and Whites battles.

Congratulations to Phil!

5 Responses to “Skipper Luke “Dukes” Creamer awarded 2012 Best & Fairest; Phil Ghasseb awarded National’s Most Determined”

  1. Willy said

    congrats the dukes & phil.

    awesome stuff.

    Go you Swannies!!

  2. brendo said

    well done Dukesy ,all the best mate ,
    cheers, Brendo

  3. phil said

    thanks dukes, true champ mate! and well done Phil, well deserved.

    Phil ghasseb

  4. Andre Nguyen said

    Mr Phillip is my teacher :D

  5. James said

    MR Philip is my Teacher in SIS year 5 Int’l in saigon

    PS: hey Andre see you in school

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