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East Asian Australian Football League is up and running in 2013 with launch of website

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 2, 2013

The EAAFL ladder and interim logo. Logo by Ross McRae Design.

The EAAFL, the is up, up and away in East Asia’s first ever regional season; 2013.

Leading the charge and sitting at the top of the EAAFL ladder are the Cambodian Eagles with a thumping percentage of 202.5 per cent after playing the Vietnam Swans last weekend in Phnom Penh. It wasn’t a great weekend out for the reigning Indochina Cup Premiers which is reflected in our percentage. Currently, the Swannies are languishing at just 49.5 per cent.

Apart from Cambodia and Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand have already confirmed that they will be part of the EAAFL in the 2013 pilot year. It is expected that all the major clubs in East Asia will also join the EAAFL in the coming weeks.

Architect behind the proposal and Swannie, Mark Stennett has put together a dedicated pilot website at This website has all the important information about the EAAFL including the league ladder and fixture. It will be continually updated. As teh level of interest increases, more bells and whistles will be added.

Screen capture from the new East Asian Australian Football Club’s website. Click to visit.

The Swannies’ Ross McRae from has unveiled a draft design for the new league which features the yin and yang symbol. The League’s logo will be confirmed at a later date.

The EAAFL is an exciting new initiative that consolidates all the footy action around Asia onto one common platform.

As mentioned above, 2013 is the pilot year which aims to include as many Asian clubs as possible. At the end of the year, we shall have a heap of data based upon actual experience and events. We will have lots of people with a very keen sense of how they believe the EAAFL should be organised.

Armed with these real ingredients, we should be well placed to introduce a format in 2014 that accommodates, respects and celebrates all the peculiarities of footy in Asia that make playing in this region so special. This will be good for the number of games, the number of players joining clubs and sponsors.

This year is the first year of a new tradition of growing footy in Asia.

Go you East Asian Australian Football League!

To visit the draft website of the EAAFL, the East Asian Australian Football League, .

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