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    June 8th, 2013
    4 days to go.
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Previous GFs

 *** Vietnam Swans 2011 AFL Grand Final Parties***

The 2011 AFL Grand Final on 1 October is coming fast. And that means the Vietnam Swans will be hosting Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon.

See below for what happened in previous years.

Hanoi – 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay – Details for the GF Replay Party have been confirmed. It will again be held at JASPAS. See above poster for details.

LeSudGaudir - venue for the Swannies GF Replay Party in Saigon

Saigon – 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay – Will be held at , 4 Thao Dien Street, District 2 (see ) from 10am until whenever.

The Redux Party (click here for poster) will be chilled out. Free entry and pay as you go prices (beers & soft drinks 20K, wines 50K, food 100K etc). Dress casually in your team colours and bring along your bathers if you want to jump into the pool. Get ready for the face painting, raffles and competitions as well! Busy, busy!

This is the People’s Grand Final Replay so dress casually in your favourite footy colours – and board shorts/bikinis for a swim in the pool.

Please check back for confirmation of details. Mega Venue.


As a result of the 2010 AFL Grand Final being drawn, there will be a replay next Saturday, 2 October, 2010. The Vietnam Swans in Hanoi and Saigon will host Grand Final Parties again.

In Hanoi, it shall be held at JASPAS again.

In Saigon, Le Cantine is unavailable and we are currently confirming another venue. Full details expected to be announced today.

It’s official. Pies Vs Saints at the Swannies 2010 AFL Grand Final Party!

SAIGON (Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC). The Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon shall be held at La Cantine – On the 6 at 6 Dong Khoi Street, D1, HCMC.

Tickets are now on sale.

Pre purchased tickets will be 650,000VND (USD35). Tickets can be bought from:

  • La Cantine, 6 Dong Khoi Street
  • Commonwealth Bank at 65 Nguyen Du Street
  • The Austrade Offices on the 5th Flr of the Landmark Building, 5 Ton Duc Thang Street.

To reserve your tickets, email now.

See below for prizes/raffles/auctions in Saigon.

HANOI. Will be held at , 4th Floor Hanoi Towers, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street. $40USD at the door or if you have a Vietnam Swans ticket, you will receive a $5USD discount and Jaspas will give $5USD to the Vietnam Swans.

10am start. Buffet Lunch, free flow beer and wine and plenty more! (Should you require breakfast, there will be a $6 charge).

Swannies Discounted Tickets can be purchased from Hanoi Backpackers on Ngo Huyen St (off Ly Quoc Su) or Wide Eyed Tours, No48, Lane 76, Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho or from any Vietnam Swans player. Contact Travis on 0987 245 247; Mick 0903209562; Willy 0904107024.

Other Grand Final Parties are being held across the country in teh following locations:

VUNG TAU. (home of the Vietnam Swans when we travel to Vungers).

HUE. Hue Backpackers Hostel, 10 Pham Ngu Lao, Hue. Ph. 054 382 6567. Will kick off at 10am and rocking until well after the game. Cheap beers and free home made meat pies.

HOI AN. 10.30am, Hai Cafe, (Entrance 1) 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc St and (Entrance 2) 111 Tran Phu St. Contact No. 3863210. Featuring projector screens, all day BBQ in the courtyard and footy tipping competitions.

DA NANG. 10.30am Waterfront, 150-152 Bach Dang, Da Nang City. Mobile: 0935 075580, Featuring projector screen and 2 large TV’s, discounted drinks, BBQ foods best (self-proclaimed) hot dogs in Vietnam and Grand Final Competitions.

* SAIGON 2010 – Prizes / Raffles / Auctions in Saigon:
  • , Sunday Brunch for 4; one night’s accommodation for 2; and spa treatment for 2.
  • , Condao Island, 2 nights’ accommodation at Ocean Front Pool Villa, incl breakfast.
  • 2 nights’ accommodation (Superior)
  • 1 x return air ticket to Nha Trang, 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Hotel (Deluxe Seaview), daily breakfast and spa.
  • , one night’s accommodation in double deluxe, including breakfast at Parkview Restaurant.
  • , Dinner for two at Nineteen Restaurant.
  • , 2 vouchers, Sunday brunch for two, including drinks.
  • , x 1 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam
  • , Saigon, 2 x Buffet Dinner for two at Chit Chat Restaurant to value of $150.
  • , One Case of Deakin Estate
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  • , Saigon, 1 x 3mth membership, 3 x 1mth membership, 5 day pass for everyone.
  • Q Spa Massage, $150 Massage voucher
  • , 5 x 2 packs of wine, plus 1 bottle of port
  • , 5 x PestFree non-toxic, safe, economical, plug-in (into powerpoint) electronic devices to drive away rats, mice, and cockroaches using your house’s electrical wiring system.
  • , USD100 (VND equivalent) bank account at HCMC branch
  • 2 Family First Aid Kits
  • , green Sherrin footies (not match footies)

*Disclaimer. Please note, the above list of prizes is indicative only. Prizes may change and may be subject to terms and conditions. Winners  should familiarise themselves with specific details at the event.

Saigon Cash & In Kind Sponsors

  • Foster’s Beer
  • Crumbs Pies, Saigon

Saigon Auctions

  • x1 – 50 green fees. Value $4,500
  • x 1 footy jumper signed by team
  • x 1 footy jumper signed by
  • x 1 football signed by team
  • x 1 jumper signed by team
  • x 1 jumper signed by
  • x 1 2005 premiership jumper with the team on the day on the front (unsigned)
  • x 5 canvas paintings of various AFL Clubs – Hawthorn, St Kilda, Geelong, West Coast, Carlton

* HANOI 2010 – Prizes / Raffles / Auctions in Saigon:

  • , Hoi An, 2 nights stay in Superior Garden View Room. Includes breakfast for two. Value USD415net.
    , luxury cruise on Halong Bay, 2 days and 1 night for 2 passengers. USD413
  • , 2 nights, midweek
  • , Ha Long Bay Cruise
  • , 2 nights 3 day adventure tour
  • , x2 return air tickets, Hanoi-Hoi An, inc. transfers, $350.
  • , x2 return air tickets, Hanoi-Hoi An, inc. transfers, $350.
  • , x2 vouchers
  • , x2 vouchers
  • , x5 boxes Asahi Beer & x2 Magic Hot Pot cookers.
  • Bottles x 4 or 5 small and 1 BIG
  • , Buffet lunch for 2 including one drink
  • , Hoi An, 2 deluxe day cooking classes

*Disclaimer. Please note, the above list of prizes is indicative only. Prizes may change and may be subject to terms and conditions. Winners should familiarise themselves with specific details at the event.

Hanoi Auctions

  • x 1 footy jumper signed by team

The Vietnam Swans National Sponsors

24 Responses to “Previous GFs”

  1. TREVOR said

    what station would I be able to watch the only game the AFL grand final on at MUI NE .

  2. You’ll have to find a place that gets “Australia Network”. It’s the only network that matters on Grand Final Day.

  3. said

    [...] are now on sale and seats are limited, so check out the Vietnam Swans Blog for full details or click on the poster [...]

  4. nick said

    I want to attend the GF party in Hanoi, but I don’t drink alcohol. Is there a discount, and will “soft” drinks be included? Thanks.

  5. A Bodnar said

    i heard vietnam swans been talking about a pie shop in hcmc, yet no one has been able to give me an address. could some one be kind enough to share it with me. 3 years without a meat pie!!! looking forward to one.

    • Big JOE said

      The pie shop you’re looking for is Crumbs which is located at 54 Truong Dinh in District 1, 08 3825 7199.

      If you’re in Vung Tau, The Great Aussie Pie Shop is just over the road from the ferry terminal. 144 Ha Long, Vung Tau, 064 352 1984. They also do a great serve of fish and chips.

  6. rod mellor said

    gday, ill be landing in hcmc on grand final morning from West Oz. keen to watch the game especially hope to see the mighty saints have a win. can u send me the details when available please, thanks wombat

  7. Joe Doherty said

    My son and I flying into Hanoi next Friday afternoon (18th Sept). Does anyone know where we can watch the mighty Saints and the Bulldogs on TV there? GO SAINTS!!!!

    • mick singleton said

      Hi Joe you will be able to watch it at Jaspas, 4th Floor Hanoi Towers, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street.

      • In Hanoi, we are getting special vouchers printed that will give you a $5 discount and will also give the Club $5.

        The poster is on this website – check the “Grand Final Parties” tab – and print one off for the discount. Or, alternatively, if you can’t print it, tell JASPAS that you saw the voucher on the Swannies’ website.

        Phil Johns
        Vietnam Swans

  8. Johnny spargo said

    Will be in HCMC on grand final day and would like to know how to get tix to the party.

    • Hi Johnny

      In Saigon, tickets will be available from The Cage at 3A Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1. They are also available from Swans players. Send me an email at and we can organise specific arrangements to ensure you get your tickets.
      Phil Johns
      National President

  9. Will said

    Any idea of where we could see the GF in Nha Trang?

    • Hi Will
      At this stage, we’re not aware of anyone who is screening the GF in Nha Trang. If we hear of a place, we will post it on our website. If you hear of a place, let us know and we’ll post it on the website.
      You could always go to Hoi An, Hue or Saigon and then return to Nha Trang. Grand Final Day is probably the biggest day of the year…
      Vietnam Swans

  10. Laurie said

    Hi how can I reserve 4 tickets to The Cage for the Grand Final? We will be arriving in Saigon on Thursday.

    • Hi Laurie
      Fantastic that you’re wanting to come along to the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon.
      Tickets are no won sale at Phatty’s Bar located at 40 Ton That Thiep District 1(behind Sunwah Tower Office Tower in Nguyen Hue Street) or at The Cage, 3A Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1. Alternatively, contact to try and organise a delivery somewhere else such as the Commonwealth Bank’s premises in D1.
      Vietnam Swans

  11. Hendo said

    We will be having Hues 2nd ever grand final party this year. After the huge success of last year, and the mighty pies going on to win their 2nd grand final in 20 years, we are expecting a huge one. Free entry, super cheap beers and home made meat pies.
    Hope to see a heap of people there.

  12. Andrew said

    Hi I’ve been in Saigon a year and went to the Sheraton last year for Grand Final day and had a brilliant day. Would love to do something similar again this year. Are there still tickets available and is it a similar deal as far as food and drinks are concerned(all you can eat & drink). If so I would love to watch the grand final again and I know a few other people who would love to go.

    We aren’t Aussies but absolutely loved the atmosphere last year.

    • Hi Andrew

      Last year, while you were at the Sheraton, the Vietnam Swans were at the Cage in Ton Duc Thang Street.

      This year, the Vietnam Swans will be hosting our Grand Final Party at La Cantine – On the 6, at 6 Dong Khoi Street, District 1 and it should be a cracker.

      The tickets are being printed at the moment and we are expecting that they will go on sale on Friday 27 August. They will be USD35 for pre purchase. Have a look at the “Grand Final Parties” tab on this website for the poster with the full details.

      While you’re not Aussies, would you be interested in becoming more actively involved in our footy club? As you can see from this website, we have truckloads of events coming up of which the Grand Final is just one!


      Phil Johns
      National President
      Vietnam Swans

  13. matt said

    i am in hoi an on grand final day, does any know where i could watch it???

  14. Shane said


    We are flying into Hanoi on the 1st Oct,will there be a grandfinal party for the AFL,Collingwood & St Kilda?Do we need to buy tickets?Will it be at Jaspas?


    • Yes, there will be Grand Final Replays in both Hanoi and Saigon.
      In Hanoi, the Vietnam Swans will again be at JASPAS for the Grand Final Replay. Details are currently being confirmed.
      In Saigon, details are also being confirmed and an announcement is expected today.

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