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35 booked from Hanoi for ANZAC Weekend clash

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 5, 2010

The Vietnam Swans will attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Long Tan in remembrance and respect for all people who have died in all wars

On Saturday 24 April, ANZAC Weekend, the Vietnam Swans will play an intra club match between Hanoi and Saigon at the Vung Tau greyhound race track (75 minutes from Saigon by ferry).

The following morning, we shall attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at .

Dan Kindness, Warrant Officer Class 2 at the Australian Embassy says to the Vietnam Swans and our supporters that:

The time has now come for you to tread the boot prints of those unfortunate soldiers to gain a sense and understanding of what was suffered not so long ago. It will be an experience you will never forget.

(We shall attend the Dawn Service) together with those who once fought there. Their stories, the visible pain, and their respect and appreciation to you for showing support will leave an impression that will never be forgotten. It is expected that over 500 people will be attending the ceremony this year.

(Further) the Vietnam Swans will organise a group tour of Nui Dat, Long Tan, Binh Ba, the Long Phuoc tunnel system, the Horseshoe, the infamous mine barrier and other locations. The tour will include submission of all permissions required to visit the sites, and Dan K will provide a detailed brief on Australia’s involvement and objectives in the province.

More importantly, we will be fortunate to have a veteran accompany us on the tour, who will be able to provide first hand experience of what life was like 40 years ago.

Already, 35 people, including 10 players, from Hanoi have committed to this tour. Saigon is still to ask for commitments from its player and supporter base but the numbers will be significant.

ANZAC Weekend 2010 will be a lifetime memory for those of us who participate.

For further information, contact either or

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