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Swannies tame Masters in tough encounter

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 2, 2011

Richard Champion, just prior to a rendition of Cold Chisel's "Working Class Man".

Yesterday, the Swannies managed to pull off a victory against the AFL Masters in a twilight match in Saigon. The final scores were:

Vietnam – 6. 8. 44
AFL Masters – 4.10.34

Afterwards, we headed off for the after match in Dong Khoi Street.

There, a BOG was selected for each team. Repeat offender when it comes to BOGs, Heath “Heater” Ellis, picked up the gong for the Swannies.

Thanks to Neil King and his co-organisers for making the Masters tour a reality.

Thanks as always, to our Saigon Prez, Derrin, and everyone else, particularly Stew, Tristan and Rowan, for making the match and after match function actually happen.

It was a great twilight match and night. The Swannies are definitely keen to host the next match against the AFL Masters.

More to follow.

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