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Congratulations Nat and Steph on your big wedding day!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 10, 2012

L, Nat and Steph at their wedding function on Saturday; R, less than 24 hours later, Nat finds himself back at an impromptu Swannies' function.

With stars in her eyes, a glowing Steph declared the Shinboner of the Century, Natty Payne, to be the man of her life. It all happened beach side on Phu Quoc Island, off the coast of Cambodia, on the weekend.

Guests travelled far and wide to be with Nat and Steph on their special day. And it was well worth it as the occasion was just magnificent. A setting sun on the tropical island and no lost wedding rings ensured Steph was able to cross off these last two items on her check list. Only then, was it safe to claim the day and evening a mega success.

The next day on Paradise Island was about the recovery. No doubt some went and had a massage.

Nat, by contrast, dramatically and determinedly walked out into the sea. And there he stayed for several hours. Beverage in hand, he was accompanied by a number of caring friends including (see the photo above) a potential new recruit for the Swannies, Brendan (in Nat’s old Swannies jumper) and Dukesy (Swannies’ Skipper). Meanwhile, lurking dangerously behind the pack was Monkey (former Swannies Skipper). Incidentally, the photo was taken by Mark Stennett (a Swannie from Drift Photo Tours).

Nat is a man with many skills – such as his well known ability to belt out a few favourites on his air guitar. On the weekend, he caused a bit of shock and awe among friends and family when he revealed, with the upcoming ANZAC Friendship Match nearly upon us, that he can also play the air bugle.

Congratulations again to Nat and Steph from all the Swannies. Steph, seriously, you’re a lucky woman (that you don’t barrack for Richmond…).

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