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Al Fresco’s Restaurants signs again as Major Sponsor in 2012

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 11, 2012

Al Fresco's - major sponsors of the Swannies in 2012.

The has been a tremendous supporter of the original Hanoi Swans and now, the Vietnam Swans, for many years.

We are therefore delighted to confirm that Al Fresco’s has just signed up again as a major sponsor of the  Vietnam Swans in 2012! Woop!! Woop!!

The Al Fresco’s Group includes Jaspas, Al Fresco’s, Pepperonis, the Spotted Cow, Papa Joes, Jackson’s Steakhouse and Tiger Lily. Their restaurants are located in Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon.

The roof top of Pepperonis Pizza Restaurant, Hanoi, of course, was where the Swannies started off back in 2001 with Friday night football. In Hanoi, Jaspas has always been the home of the Hanoi/Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Parties including 2005 when the Sydney Swans won. Jaspas continues to be the venue of choice in Hanoi, most recently with the Battle of the Sporting Codes Fundraiser for Charity last month.

The Swannies go wild with the news that the Al Fresco's Group will be a major sponsor of the Swannies in 2012. Photo, JASPAS, Hanoi, 2005 AFL Grand Final

In Saigon, we’ve held Best and Fairests at the Spotted Cow and committee meetings at Jaspas. Al Fresco’s have catered at matches and Christmas parties – and now sponsor the Saigon Auskick (they also sponsored the Auskick in Hanoi).

The Al Fresco’s team, led by Jacko, BJ, Peter, Aaron, Glenn, Jamie and Jimmy are outstanding. They are the consummate solution providers for any function (including Swannies functions). Nothing is ever too much trouble. The cuisine meets and exceeds expectations and is always served by extremely personable staff.

For your nearest Al Fresco’s Group Restaurant, ask any of the Swannies or check the .

Also, look out for the new Al Fresco’s branded Swannies’ hat which will be unveiled next week at the ANZAC Friendship Match on 21 April 2012.

Go Al Fresco’s and you Swannies!!

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