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    Saigon, Hanoi, Hoi AnSeptember 27th, 2014
    Biggest and best Grand Final Parties across Vietnam
  • Asian Champs – 10th October – Clark, Philippines

    The Swans take on Asia's best. Season's key event where the Swans will take on the strongest teams in Asia including the Hong Kong Dragons, the Singapore Wombats, the Jakarta Bintangs, the China Reds, the Bali Geckos, The Cambodian Eagles, the Thai Thaigers, the Malaysian Warriors and the hosts, the Philippine Eagles.

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Swannies’ Family Days and ANZAC Match Doco – Sunday 5 August from 2pm, Hanoi & Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 30, 2012

Steve Drummond’s documentary on the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Weekend will premiere on Sunday 5 August 2012.

UPDATE: Please note, this event in Saigon will now be held at the in An Phu’s BP compound, off Thao Dien Street, from 2pm. for a map.

Hanoi shall hold its event at the Australian Embassy, 8 Tao Dien Street. Please bring photo ID also from 2pm.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

Next Sunday, 5 August, the Swannies will be hosting a Family Day and a screening of the 27 minute Documentary on the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Weekend in:

  • Saigon at the in the An Phu Compound, D2 (not the Gaudi Restaurant as previously advised)
  • Hanoi – at the Australian Embassy. Please bring Photo ID to show at the gate and a towel to use at their swimming pool.

They will be two very leisurely, Sunday afternoon, sessions, the weekend before the Asian Champs, sipping chardonnays and beers while watching the Saigon River flow by and the ripples in the Embassy’s pool.

Also, for those who are interested, we shall be screening a 27 minute documentary on the ANZAC Friendship Weekend. Steve Drummond has put together the documentary that features a number of interviews with players and veterans who reflect upon the entire weekend. We learn what it’s like to play in the Legends’ Match alongside your Dad; what it’s like for a Veteran to see his son play on the same oval that he played on in the late 1960’s when he won a premiership; what it feels like to win the ANZAC Friendship Match’s Best on Ground; what it’s like to speak about your dying best mate at the McMillan Dinner which is named in his honour; what it’s like for a Veteran attending the ANZAC Dawn Service when his mate puts his hand on his shoulder; what it’s like to help at the Centre for the Protection of Children in Vung Tau. And lots more.

We would be delighted if you, your families and friends could come along.

Three Veterans, Ian McAuley, Kenny Earney and Greg Kennett, speak about their experiences of returning to Vietnam, the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and the ANZAC Friendship Match on the ANZAC Video which was made by Steve Drummond.

The Essentials

  • Time: 2pm onwards, Sunday 5 August. Until whenever.
  • Screening time of ANZAC Friendship Weekend Doco: 3 -3.30pm (for those who are interested)
  • Children: Very welcome
  • Friends: Bring a friend and spread the word of the Swannies
  • Cost: Pay as you go. Drink (and eat) what you like. Arrive and depart when you like.

Purpose of Day

  • To hold dedicated Swannies’ family friendly events in both Hanoi and Saigon
  • To hold a day where Sponsors, Supporters and Swannies can mingle freely and informally
  • To hold an event in D2 for those in Saigon who are always being asked to travel to D7 or D1 for Club events
  • To screen the ANZAC documentary put together by Steve Drummond for those who are interested

This is low key event and, accordingly, bookings aren’t required. Just drop in if you can.

These will be the Swannies’ Sunday Sessions to be seen at. And the video of the ANZAC Friendship Match Weekend is well worth watching thanks to the tireless efforts of Steve Drummond.

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The 13th Annual Asian Championships – 11 August, 2012, Thailand

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 27, 2012

The 13th Annual Asian Championships will be held in Thailand on 11 August 2012.

The 13th Annual Asian Championships will be held in Pattaya, Thailand on Saturday 11 August 2012.

Originally, the Champs were booked in to be played at the same venue as last year, the Patana School, Bangkok.However, several months ago, Patana School advised that the oval was going to undergo some major works and that the playing surface may not be fully restored in time for the Champs – hence the hasty change of venue.

Unfortunately, the China Reds and Cambodian Eagles will not be participating in this year’s Champs.

However, eight of the Cambodian Eagles will join up with the Lao Elephants to bolster their numbers.

The Philippine Eagles (yes, there are Philippine Eagles and Cambodian Eagles in Asian footy) will make a return. They have hosted the Champs in Manila on one occasion, but this will be the first time they have travelled outside their own country to play in a Champs.

Meanwhile, the Swannies preparations have been gearing up.

Hanoi has confirmed it will send seven players (including former resident, Stew Green who will fly in from Australia). We are still to confirm numbers from Saigon.

The Swannies Official Team Hotel in Pattaya has a flippin’ awesome name. It’s the Flipper House Hotel.

To make your reservation, .

As part of the build up, teh Swannies in both Hanoi and HCMC are planning family days on Sunday, 5 August where we will also screen the much anticipated doco on the ANZAC Friendship Match Weekend which was made by Steve Drummond. More to follow.

Two weeks tomorrow and we’re there at the Asian Champs…

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Qui Le wins the Rick Trewavas Medal last weekend

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 26, 2012

Qui Le proudly holds up his Rick Trewavas Medal which he was awarded last weekend for being the Swannies’ Most Courageous Player.

Last weekend, the Swannies’ players were not only playing for a victory against the Cambodian Eagles, we were also playing for the Rick Trewavas Medal which is awarded by the Swans to the Swans’ Most Courageous Player in our derbies against the Cambodian Eagles.

Qui Le was the deserving recipient of the Rick Trewavas Medal on this occasion.

Since July 2010, each time the Swannies play Cambodia outside of tournaments, we award the Rick Trewavas Medal.

Rick, who has had a stoic battle against cancer was involved with footy in Jakarta – prior to the Jakarta Bintangs (!) – as well as the original Hanoi Swans where he played a major role in the establishment of our Club back in 2001 – soon after 9/11. Back then, every Friday night, the boys would assemble on the rooftop of Pepperonis Pizza Bar (part of the Al Fresco’s Group, which remains a Club Sponsor of the Swannies) in Hanoi to watch the AFL on the TV.

Rick, a mega fan of South Melbourne / Sydney Swans had a framed, autographed photo of Bob Skilton which would be hung on the wall each Friday evening in what became known as the Bobby Skilton Room – hence the graphic on the Medal. (For the record, it was two years’ later in 2003 that the Swannies played our first match)

Originally, the Medal was to be awarded to the Swannies’ best player. This year, however, the Medal was changed from Bloods Breed BOGs to Butter up Bloods to shift the focus from pure impact on a game to courage. This was done for two reasons: firstly, the tradition is that the opposing team picks our best player on the day – and we did not want to have “competing” medals. Secondly, Rick has been showing great courage in his own personal battle and has been blitzing! Courage is something that every Swan on the field can show – not just the most athletic or the most skilled.

And how does Rick feel about Qui winning the Rick Trewavas Medal?

“Fantastic. Qui looks like the cat, sorry the Swan,  that spilt the milk. And the Medal looks oh so valuable – which, of course, it is to me. Chuffed. Very chuffed. Honk! Rick.”


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Photos of last weekend’s tournament between Saigon Whites, Hanoi Reds and the Cambodian Eagles

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 25, 2012

The Swannies take on the Cambodian Eagles last weekend in Saigon. Photos, courtesy of Joanna Zelaya

Photos of last weekend’s round robin tournament between the Saigon White Swans, the Hanoi Red Swans and the Cambodian Eagles are now available on the . In total, 143 photos have been posted.

Special thanks to Joanna Zelaya from the Saigon Click Photography Club who took these magnificent photos!

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Dave O’Shea reviews last weekend’s round robin

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 24, 2012

Some of the action from last weekend’s international blockbuster in Saigon.

Dave O’Shea the unstoppable from Binh Duong, hasn’t stopped since last weekend’s round robin. Below is his review of the tournament. This is possibly his best tournament review yet – although he also did a cracking job after last year’s Indochina Cup when he was a first time tourer.

After so much hype and expectation, the round robin tournament between the Saigon White Swans, Hanoi Red Swans and Cambodian Eagles has finally been played and won by the Eagles. The three teams showed just why they are becoming giants of Asian football. The huge crowd at RMIT witnessed some brilliant tackling, hard running, awesome umpiring and amazing goals scored throughout the day. The spectators turned up en masse with high expectations and they were treated with three great games. All three games were played in great spirit.

A special thanks must go to the umpires, Scott Turner, Matt Nattalotto and Phil Johns. They were able to umpire the matches as well as doing their other roles throughout the day.

Supercoach Review

For those of you that took my advice on the rookie buys and brought in Stevie Conlan to your teams, you will be very happy after his dominant performance on the weekend. Steve scored massively in both games, but it was the second match where he was simply unstoppable. Steve kicked 4 second half goals and had a massive amount of hit outs and marks. He was simply unstoppable in the second half and single-handedly turned the match in his team’s favour.

Those that brought Lui into their teams would have been disappointed that he was a late withdrawal – another player with “general soreness”. This tactic of resting players was adopted by Geelong coach, Chris Scott last year before the AFL finals. Geelong went on to win the premiership, while some of the players from other clubs looked tired during the finals. Perhaps this is a tactic some of the Swannies players are using before the Asian Champs.

The other Vietnamese Native, Daniel, was solid and continues to get better. If you brought him into your team, keep him and wait for his price to rise.

None of us missed Qui on Saturday. And here he is yesterday, proudly holding his well deserved Rick Trewavas Medal for being the Most Courageous Swannie.

A player that I missed in the preview was Qui Le. Qui was awarded the Rick Trewavis Medal for being the Most Courageous Swannie on the day (to read more about Rick Trewavas and the Medal, click here). Qui was everywhere throughout the day and picked up a huge amount of disposals. He will no doubt shoot up in value after the weekend. If he continues to win Swannies Awards, he still could be a good buy to get into your team before the Asian Champs.

Brett Jotta had his first match for a long time and like Qui had a huge amount of disposals for the Saigon Whites. Brett didn’t stop running all day and was one of the best players.

Those that paid top dollar for Ado Enright, will be happy with his performance. Ado received Best on Ground in his first match against Cambodia. In the second match, he was a bit quieter due to some brilliant tagging from his Hanoi mate John.

If you could get points for stopping key opposition players, John Shoulders from Hanoi would have racked them up. John was able to do a job on the key midfielders from both Saigon and Cambodia. Could he be the best tagger in Asian football?

Those that brought in the Italian Giant, Eduardo, would have been cheering when he kicked his first ever goal in a match. Edo had a huge number of hitouts in the ruck to go along with his goal. Another great performance from the ex Italian Basketballer come Aussie Rules Footballer.

Crazy Dan, Mark Stennet and Kyle all kicked some great goals and didn’t let their buyers down.


The Hanoi boys came to Saigon with some mean looking moustaches. Some of the boys pulled off the Mo quite nicely. Matty Townsend was told that he looks younger and more handsome.

Dan Hopkins was likened to a number of famous people and perhaps you can decide by voting below on which person looks the most like C-Dan.

The cDan lookalikes!

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Happy 10th Birthday to Johno Hackenberg!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 23, 2012

Johno says it’s “thumbs up” good to turn 10 yesterday!

Yesterday, Johno Hackenberg, son of Swannies Super Forward, Kyle, turned 10 years old! Woop, woop and happy birthday, Johno!!!

Johno is a big fan of the Vietnam Swans and his favourate player is his Dad – but he wears his own number, No. 22. Johno enjoyed being a goal umpire at last year’s Legends’ game in Vung Tau on the ANZAC Friendship Weekend. Johno also helps his Dad with the equipment and drinks on a Saturday morning, after soccer practice, for the Swans training sessions in the afternoon.  Johno is a playing member of the Saigon Auskick squad and he is improving and taking marks just like his Dad at full forward.

Johno is also on the student representative council for the Australian International School (a sponsor of the Vietnam Swans) and he is an active member of the successful school swimming squad which is known as the Saigon Super Fins.

Esmira (Mum) Johno and Sophia (sister) have been in Baku, Azerbaijan for the last month visiting their Azeri family and friends. Johno has been teaching everyone English instead of learning the Azeri language…  He said he especially likes the Azeri kebabs (just like his Dad) and local cherry juice. Kyle will be joining Esmira, Johno and Sophia for 3 weeks and will, unfortunately miss the Asian Champs.

Kyle and Johno have promised to send some photos to this website of them wearing their Swannies’ jumpers around Baku and greater Azerbaijan. More classic Swannies’ photos coming our way.

The Hackenberg’s send their best wishes to the Swannies success as we chase a repeat performance this year in making the semis and hopefully, going one better and into the final.

Once again, from all the Swannies, happy 10th birthday, Johno!!

Go you Swannies!!

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Eagles trump two separate teams of Swannies in round robin tournament in Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 22, 2012

The Cambodian Eagles, Hanoi Reds Swans and Saigon Whites Swans after yesterday’s round robin in Saigon.

The Cambodian Eagles yesterday triumphed in the round robin tournament in Saigon against the Hanoi Reds Swans and the Saigon Whites Swans.

In the first match, the Eagles defeated the Hanoi Reds 6. 6. 42 to 3. 2. 20.

In the second game, Cambodia again won beating the Saigon Whites 5. 5. 35 to 3. 2. 20.

The Saigon Whites beat the Hanoi Reds in the third game.

The two best players for the Cambodian Eagles as judged by the Swannies were Jhie and Fitzy.

The Eagles gave the two best Swannies as Dave O’Shea and Ado Enright.

Qui Le won the Rick Trewavas Medal for being the Swannies’ most courageous player.

Farewell trophies were given to the Swannies Stewart Davies and Scott Turner.

Black armbands were worn in memory of Dorothy Edwards and Ben Mason.

Special thanks to Club sponsor, , who provided expert medical assistance for one of the Cambodian players who broke his leg.

Thanks to Club sponsor for catering on the day as well as the after match function at the Spotted Cow.

The Club was delighted to see our new sponsor, the , represented by Ms Thao Vo, at the match.

Thanks to the Cambodian Eagles and top the Swannies in Hanoi for making the trip to Saigon for the tournament.

Thanks to Dave O’Shea who came up with the concept of the three way round robin and did a truckload of work to make the weekend a success.

Congratulations to the Eagles for their victory. A great day and weekend where football was the winner.

Now, bring on the Asian Champs in three weeks’ time.

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Dave O’Shea previews tomorrow’s blockbuster international in Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 20, 2012

Dave O’Shea slices through the hyperbole, rumour and comments from the peanut gallery to deliver an insightful and revealing preview about tomorrow’s international blockbuster in Saigon.

Supercoach extraordinaire, Dave O’Shea delivers the much anticipated match preview for tomorrow’s three way blockbuster: Hanoi Red Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles Vs Saigon White Swans. With his last match preview, he wondered out loud whether it was his best yet (and 80 per cent of those who voted agreed with him. Click here). But Dave may have gone one better with this preview. Read on and decide for yourself.

The Event

Ladies and Gentleman, the big day has nearly arrived. Tomorrow will see a Round Robin tournament between three forces in Asian Football. Hanoi Red Swans, Saigon White Swans and Cambodian Eagles. Welcome to the Eagles who have been battling out the Cambodia Vietnam Cannonball run. A mega bus trip that takes approximately 6 hours with a stopover at the Casinos at the border of Cambodia and Vietnam. Apart from all the casinos, this is also the place where the department of immigration is. Hopefully, for the Eagles, there won’t be any problems with getting visas for Vietnam and they will all make it into the country successfully.

Rules and Regulations

The matches will be 2 * 15 minute halves. The matches will be 14 a side. Let’s hope all teams get that one right this time and we don’t have to start the match again at 3/4 time like earlier in the year when Vietnam and Cambodia met.


  • Game 1. 1:20 – 2:00pm. Hanoi Red Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 2. 2:10 – 2:50. Saigon White Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 3. 3:00 – 3:40. Saigon White Swans Vs Hanoi Red Swans

The Teams

A devastated Heater. Not even another roll of sticky tape can bring him back from holidays for tomorrow’s match.

Due to the large number of Vietnam players available for the match, we decided to split the Vietnam team into two teams. One team will be led by the Hanoi President Daniel Hopkins and myself as Saigon’s Acting Captain. The other will be led by the Saigon President Sam Conroy and Hanoi Coach, Ado Enright. The rest of the Vietnam players were put into two even teams based on player ability and position. The reason for this is that we wanted every player to have enough game time. It is also a good chance to prepare for the Asian Champs which will also be short “stop-start” games. The teams are posted below.


Bargain Basement

We have some players playing their first game for Vietnam and are at a bargain basement price for those super coachers out there.

Steve Conlan, currently on holidays in Vietnam with his girlfriend, has been super impressive at Swannies training sessions. Steve is a tall ruckman who has some great skills. Look for a big game from this giant.

Daniel and Lui are two Vietnamese natives who have been introduced to the Swannies by Nathan and Sean Milner. Both players have some great foot skills and are learning the game nicely. Could be great improvers and possible keepers for your supercoach team.

On the Bubble

We also have some players that have played a couple of games for the Swannies and their prices are about to skyrocket. Now is the time to get these guys into your team if you haven’t already done so.

Luke Miller has been very impressive in the couple of games that he has played in the Saigon scratch matches. He is a tall ruckman who gets many hit outs and takes some good grabs. Now is the time to get Luke into your team before his price goes up.

James Symons has come from a Rugby background and is a strong runner with the ball. Has been impressive in a couple of Saigon scratchies. If he can keep his body injury free, could be a great pick up.

Brian Farrell is an Irish convert who has been loving the Swannies. He has been tearing it up at training and also in the Saigon scratch matches. If you are looking for a ball running defender for your team, look no further than Irish Brian.

John Redmond also an Irish convert is a player who can win the hard ball and go forward and kick goals. After tearing up a couple of scratchies in Saigon, his price is about to go BOOM. Get him now if you can.

Kurt Walker and John MacFarlane are also two players that have come along way since their first game. Look for a big game from these two players.


A number of the Vietnam Premium Players are out of action this weekend. Luke Creamer, Nat Payne, Ryan Evo, Heater Shaw, Kev HornBlower, Phil Ghasseb. If you have any of these players in your team, you might want to look to trade. Possible options are below.

Look no further than Ado Enright. When he is not being a model, he is playing footy for the Swannies. He should rack up a huge amount of disposals and will give great delivery to the forwards all day.

Crazy Dan is a marking machine in the backline. Will rack up huge points with his marking and kicking. Also can fill in as a ruckman so can get points for his hitouts. A must for your backline!

Billy Crang is a DPP (Duel Position Player) can kick goals, play in the ruck and also defend. If he is used as a defensive shut down role he may not pick up huge Super Coach points. However, he must be considered for your team with his DPP status.

Dave SOS is a talented player who can take screamers. He is a smart player who is bound to kick goals. A must for your forward line.

Nick Shiells, another forward gun who is making his comeback match after being in Australia for a few weeks. If fit, will carve up.

If you are looking for a premium ruck man, look no further than Edo. This guy is a previous basketballer from Italy. Should get plenty of hit outs in the ruck.

Trav Fallon is a very accurate kick and a great defender. He always get the job done and could rack up huge points for your team.

Phil Jordan is another DPP. Like Billy, he can play anywhere on the field. He could be the x factor for the Hanoi Reds tomorrow.

Nathan Milner has been carving up matches in the Saigon scratchies. A very skillful and fast player. This guy will rack up huge supercoach points.

Other Premiums you can look at bringing in are Damo Judd, Sam Conroy, Brett Jotta and Mark Stennet.

General Soreness

Tomorrow will be the farewell games for Coach Scotty Turner and player, Stewie Davies. Thanks guys.

With the Asian Champs just around the corner, some of the players are being rested with “general soreness”.

Shagga Leahy is one of these players who is being rested. Shagga claims it is general soreness. Look to trade Shannon if you have trades left, also it looks as if he will be out of the Asian Champs.

Nick Breheny looks like he will be a late withdrawal. He has been sick all week after a huge Binh Duong weekend. What’s he Binh Duong? For those that have Nick in their teams, look to hold him as he will no doubt be back playing great footy for the Swannies.

Another genuine injured player is Sean Milner. During the week Sean had a fitness test with his physio and was unable to get the all clear to play.

Hanoi Red Swans. Backs: cDan (c), Billy Crang, Phil Jordan, Harry Hodge, Matt Townsend. Mid: Dave O’Shea, Nathan Milner, John Shoulder, John Redmond, Mark Stennett. Ruck Luke Miller. Forward, Nick Shiells, Daniel (Vietnamese), Matt Natalotto, Paul Koch, Matt Carr, Kyle Hackenberg.

Saigon White Swans. Backs, Damo Judd, Trav Fallon, Sam Conroy (c), Rowan, Kurt Walker. Mid: Ado Enright, Brett Jotta, Qui Li, Brian Farrell,  James Symons, Nick Breheny (??). Ruck, Steve Conlan, Edo. Forward, Dave Skowronski, Lui (Vietnamese) Stewie Davies, Richard Quinn, Luca, John McFarlane. Coach, Scott Turner.

Cambodia. Gavin Murphy, Grant Fitzgerald, Julien Brewster, Sy Um, Sam Henty, Al Soutaris, David Murphy, Az Watson, Dave Tomlins, Troy Bogaart, Matt Rees, Nick de Tarczynski, Jamie Griffin, Steve Morrish, Dave Gordge, Matt Corbin, Jhie Gough, Simon Jenkin.

Photos: Photos used in this article are courtesy of .

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Cambodian match to be a three way round robin format

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 18, 2012

Vietnam will play as the Saigon Swans and Hanoi Swans against Cambodia this weekend in a three way round robin format.

It all happens this Saturday, 21 April 2012 at RMIT, Saigon: three big teams; three big games; one big round robin tournament.

With such a strong presence from Hanoi, the Swans have decided to divide into two teams namely, the Hanoi Swans and the Saigon Swans for the clashes against Cambodia which will comprise 14 per side on the field. However, city of origin will not come into play. Nearly.

The Swans players, representing a National Club have all been tipped into one pool. From there, two even teams on paper have been selected with a couple of exceptions. The Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins and Saigon’s Acting Captain (in Dukesey’s absence), Dave O’Shea.shall head the Hanoi Swans.

The Saigon Swans shall be fronted by Saigon President, Sam Conroy and Hanoi Coach/Captain Ado Enright.

The matches to be played and game times are:

  • Game 1. 1:20 – 2:00pm. Hanoi Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 2. 2:10 – 2:50. Saigon Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 3.  3:00 – 3:40. Saigon Swans Vs Hanoi Swans

Hanoi Swans

Dan Hopkins (Hanoi President), Dave O’Shea (Saigon Captain/Coach), Billy Crang, Phil Jordan, Harry Hodge, Matt Townsend, Nathan Milner, John Shoulder, John Redmond, Mark Stennett, Matt Natalotto, Luke Miller, Nick Shiells, Daniel (VN), Sean Milner, Matt Carr and Kyle Hackenberg.

Saigon Swans

Sam Conroy (Saigon President), Adrian Enright (Hanoi Captain/Coach), Damo Judd, Trav Fallon, Rowan, Kurt Walker, Brett Jotta, Qui Li, Brian Farrell, James Symons, Nick Breheny, Steve Conlan, Edo, Dave Skowronski, Lui (VN), Stew Davies, Richard Quinn, Luca, John McFarlane. (Coach Scott Turner)

Farewells to departing players

The Club will farewell two players this weekend:

  • Stewie Davies and his partner, Gemma who are headed to Myanmar.
  • Scotty and Karen Turner and their family who will move to China.

Black armbands

All of the Swans will wear black armbands in memory of Trav Fallon’s grandmother, Dorothy Edwards and Ben Mason, a friend of many in Saigon.

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Asian footy still climbing to the top of the world in Africa

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 18, 2012

Swannie JD and Byrnsie, Hong Kong Dragon and Catter, have both climbed to the top of the world in Africa.

Jarrod “JD” Dale, former Captain and Coach of the then Hanoi Swans climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest – back in 2010. Naturally he was wearing his Swannies hat. Naturally, the Swannies website ran a front page story titled, Swannies hat on top of the world.

Two weeks ago, Nathan Byrne, great mate of JD’s and a former president of the Hong Kong Dragons (including when the Dragons toured to Saigon in 2007), also climbed the same mountain. However, instead of wearing something sensible like a Swannies hat, Byrnsie wore his Geelong scarf. Ridiculous mountaineering apparel and perhaps that’s why Geelong’s website hasn’t carried the story (but in fairness to Geelong, they do run some of the big stories. For example, back in June 2008, Geelong published a story on ).

Congratulations to two great blokes of Asian footy who have both moved on: JD to Africa and Byrnsie to the Middle East.

More classic Swannies photos

To see more classic photos of Swannies hats in exotic locations, check out our .

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Swannies banner flys at Swann Insurance’s 24hr event in South Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 16, 2012

Swannies, fittingly, are at the Swann Insurance 24hr in South Australia.

Dave Luke has been at the S.

The event was held in Kapunda, South Australia on the weekend from 14-15 July.

Dave had a Swannies/Tommy’s Bar banner from the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match and had it hanging on a tent at the start line!

Nice work, Mr Dave!

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Jesaulenko’s Xango Juice to sponsor Swannies

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 15, 2012

The Jesaulenko’s Xango Juice to sponsor the Swannies.

The Vietnam Swans are delighted to confirm that Annie and Alex Jesaulenko (that’s right, You beauty!), will sponsor the Swannies, through for the remainder of the 2012 season.

is the world’s first global mangosteen product.

Mangosteen, the Queen of the Fruits, has a delicious nutrient-dense rind, delicious white pulp and three to five seeds. It has naturally occurring antioxidants called Xanthones and has centuries of traditional use to treat a variety of health conditions.

The key benefits of Xango Juice are that it:

  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Neutralises free radicals
  • Maintains intestinal health
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes a healthy seasonal respiratory system; and
  • Supports cartilage and joint function.

Xango Juice – a sponsor of the Swannies.

The Jesaulenkos have been great supporters of the Swannies. Last year, for example, Alex signed a couple of Swannies jumpers that were auctioned during the Swannies’ AFL Grand Final Parties. To view one of the jumpers, go and visit nephew, Adam Zakharoff, at the Boomarang Bistro in Saigon.

Annie Jesaulenko has thanked the Swannies for the opportunity to be “a part of your fabulous group and (I) look forward to contributing in any way I can.”

Annie and Alex Jesaulenko with a Swannies hat, in Melbourne, last December.

Annie continues that their company has “which I am very proud of and I donate to their meal packs which are distributed worldwide. I am now working with some Somalian and South African groups in Melbourne very closely to train and teach them. I am thrilled with this as it gives them the opportunity to be able to give back to their own communities through me and Xango.”

Vietnam Swans’ National President, Phil Johns said that the Club was thrilled with the sponsorship. “Obviously, in AFL circles, ‘Jesaulenko’ is an iconic name. To have Annie and Alex wanting to have their Xango Juice publicly associated with our Club is quite humbling. We’ll certainly be keen to justify the faith that they have put in the Club by making sure that everyone knows about Xango Juice.”

Interestingly, with the addition of , the Swannies now have five sponsors from Australia that do not have a presence in Vietnam. Apart from Xango Juice, we have Lagler Australia, VIP Cabs Australia, Aussie Home Loans and Future Windows. While the Swannies are based in Vietnam, it does provide further evidence that the Club has a real presence in Australia.

For further information on Xango Juice, visit

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