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Swannies hat on top of Africa’s highest mountain

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 3, 2010

JD, former Captain and Coach of the then Hanoi Swans, stands atop Africa's highest mountain while wearing his Swannies hat

For sure, Nathan Buckey, who will visit the Swannies on 14 March, is a highly decorated Captain of the Collingwood Football Club. As yet, he hasn’t coached the Pies at the highest level. Jarrod Dale by contrast has done both for the then Hanoi Swans. He’s captained. He’s coached. In the photo above, he stands atop Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro wearing his Swannies hat! This bloke smokes.


About time I got around to this and thought this was a good moment as any after reading the Swannies website. Looks as though footy in Vietnam is gathering a huge amount of momentum and it is another big year to honk yer horn if you love footy, especially in Vietnam!

I took this photo at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro last April and will be heading up there again in a few months time. Let’s hope the Swannies get to the top of a few mountains this year as well. The goals are being set and I hope you can reach them.


One Response to “Swannies hat on top of Africa’s highest mountain”

  1. willy said

    legendary j.d.

    hopes all super well your end.

    go you swannies!!

    at last we are almost on top of the … world

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