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Cambodian match to be a three way round robin format

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 18, 2012

Vietnam will play as the Saigon Swans and Hanoi Swans against Cambodia this weekend in a three way round robin format.

It all happens this Saturday, 21 April 2012 at RMIT, Saigon: three big teams; three big games; one big round robin tournament.

With such a strong presence from Hanoi, the Swans have decided to divide into two teams namely, the Hanoi Swans and the Saigon Swans for the clashes against Cambodia which will comprise 14 per side on the field. However, city of origin will not come into play. Nearly.

The Swans players, representing a National Club have all been tipped into one pool. From there, two even teams on paper have been selected with a couple of exceptions. The Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins and Saigon’s Acting Captain (in Dukesey’s absence), Dave O’Shea.shall head the Hanoi Swans.

The Saigon Swans shall be fronted by Saigon President, Sam Conroy and Hanoi Coach/Captain Ado Enright.

The matches to be played and game times are:

  • Game 1. 1:20 – 2:00pm. Hanoi Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 2. 2:10 – 2:50. Saigon Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Game 3.  3:00 – 3:40. Saigon Swans Vs Hanoi Swans

Hanoi Swans

Dan Hopkins (Hanoi President), Dave O’Shea (Saigon Captain/Coach), Billy Crang, Phil Jordan, Harry Hodge, Matt Townsend, Nathan Milner, John Shoulder, John Redmond, Mark Stennett, Matt Natalotto, Luke Miller, Nick Shiells, Daniel (VN), Sean Milner, Matt Carr and Kyle Hackenberg.

Saigon Swans

Sam Conroy (Saigon President), Adrian Enright (Hanoi Captain/Coach), Damo Judd, Trav Fallon, Rowan, Kurt Walker, Brett Jotta, Qui Li, Brian Farrell, James Symons, Nick Breheny, Steve Conlan, Edo, Dave Skowronski, Lui (VN), Stew Davies, Richard Quinn, Luca, John McFarlane. (Coach Scott Turner)

Farewells to departing players

The Club will farewell two players this weekend:

  • Stewie Davies and his partner, Gemma who are headed to Myanmar.
  • Scotty and Karen Turner and their family who will move to China.

Black armbands

All of the Swans will wear black armbands in memory of Trav Fallon’s grandmother, Dorothy Edwards and Ben Mason, a friend of many in Saigon.

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