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Eagles trump two separate teams of Swannies in round robin tournament in Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 22, 2012

The Cambodian Eagles, Hanoi Reds Swans and Saigon Whites Swans after yesterday’s round robin in Saigon.

The Cambodian Eagles yesterday triumphed in the round robin tournament in Saigon against the Hanoi Reds Swans and the Saigon Whites Swans.

In the first match, the Eagles defeated the Hanoi Reds 6. 6. 42 to 3. 2. 20.

In the second game, Cambodia again won beating the Saigon Whites 5. 5. 35 to 3. 2. 20.

The Saigon Whites beat the Hanoi Reds in the third game.

The two best players for the Cambodian Eagles as judged by the Swannies were Jhie and Fitzy.

The Eagles gave the two best Swannies as Dave O’Shea and Ado Enright.

Qui Le won the Rick Trewavas Medal for being the Swannies’ most courageous player.

Farewell trophies were given to the Swannies Stewart Davies and Scott Turner.

Black armbands were worn in memory of Dorothy Edwards and Ben Mason.

Special thanks to Club sponsor, , who provided expert medical assistance for one of the Cambodian players who broke his leg.

Thanks to Club sponsor for catering on the day as well as the after match function at the Spotted Cow.

The Club was delighted to see our new sponsor, the , represented by Ms Thao Vo, at the match.

Thanks to the Cambodian Eagles and top the Swannies in Hanoi for making the trip to Saigon for the tournament.

Thanks to Dave O’Shea who came up with the concept of the three way round robin and did a truckload of work to make the weekend a success.

Congratulations to the Eagles for their victory. A great day and weekend where football was the winner.

Now, bring on the Asian Champs in three weeks’ time.

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