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Happy 10th Birthday to Johno Hackenberg!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 23, 2012

Johno says it’s “thumbs up” good to turn 10 yesterday!

Yesterday, Johno Hackenberg, son of Swannies Super Forward, Kyle, turned 10 years old! Woop, woop and happy birthday, Johno!!!

Johno is a big fan of the Vietnam Swans and his favourate player is his Dad – but he wears his own number, No. 22. Johno enjoyed being a goal umpire at last year’s Legends’ game in Vung Tau on the ANZAC Friendship Weekend. Johno also helps his Dad with the equipment and drinks on a Saturday morning, after soccer practice, for the Swans training sessions in the afternoon.  Johno is a playing member of the Saigon Auskick squad and he is improving and taking marks just like his Dad at full forward.

Johno is also on the student representative council for the Australian International School (a sponsor of the Vietnam Swans) and he is an active member of the successful school swimming squad which is known as the Saigon Super Fins.

Esmira (Mum) Johno and Sophia (sister) have been in Baku, Azerbaijan for the last month visiting their Azeri family and friends. Johno has been teaching everyone English instead of learning the Azeri language…  He said he especially likes the Azeri kebabs (just like his Dad) and local cherry juice. Kyle will be joining Esmira, Johno and Sophia for 3 weeks and will, unfortunately miss the Asian Champs.

Kyle and Johno have promised to send some photos to this website of them wearing their Swannies’ jumpers around Baku and greater Azerbaijan. More classic Swannies’ photos coming our way.

The Hackenberg’s send their best wishes to the Swannies success as we chase a repeat performance this year in making the semis and hopefully, going one better and into the final.

Once again, from all the Swannies, happy 10th birthday, Johno!!

Go you Swannies!!

7 Responses to “Happy 10th Birthday to Johno Hackenberg!”

  1. Kyle said

    Happy Birthday again Johno for yesterday.
    I can’t wait to see you and Mum and Sophia next week.
    All my Love, Dad

  2. said

    Happy 10th Birthday Johnathan!

    Best Wishes Always,
    The Team at Norfolk Engineering (Vietnam)

  3. Fabbo said

    Hi Johno

    Congratulations on your 10th birthday. That’s a mega awesome effort!

    Can’t wait to see the photos of you and your Dad in Azerbaijan wearing your Swannies shirts! I bet that will make you the first people in the world to have ever done that. That’s pretty cool.

    And I can’t wait to see you kick 10 goals for the Swannies.

    Have a great birthday and we’ll see you back in Vietnam.


  4. dave o'shea said

    Johno Happy birthday mate!!! 10 years old means 10 goals for the swannies!!!


  5. said

    Happy Birthday Johno. Congrats on hitting the double figures!!!
    You’ll be lining up alongside your old man in no time, and more than likely stealing some of his goals!!

  6. Sonya Ross said

    Hey Johno – Great Pic young man! Happy Happy Birthday!!!! (for the 22nd) Hope your having fun in Azerbaijan & enjoying your school break. Lots of love & hugs your way, Uncle Gra, Aunty Sonya, Maddison, Olivia & Charlotte xxxxx

  7. mj said

    Happy Birthday, Johno, and looking forward to your next triathlon appearance.

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