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Wrestling a Swannies’ Superstar from Polldaddy

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 13, 2012

The “Big Cheese”, Fabbo, tells the “chain-wielding Doctor of Thuganomics”, Dukesy, that he can only have 4 of his 5 choices.

Yesterday, this website ran an extraordinary story titled, If the Swannies were WWE superstars… A fantasy by Dave O’Shea“. Dave’s fantasy manifested itself as an in depth study that described and compared no less than 40 Swannies with their WWE counterparts.

Since then, the phones have been running hot. Harry phoned in a state of disbelief, “I’m Santino Marella? I’m not sure whether to be flattered or mortified.”

He then turned his attention to Facebook where he slammed the good reputation of Dave, the man who turned Binh Duong into a household name:

“Controversy, O’Shea and wrestling all go hand in hand. Observe O’Shea as the masked man involved in one of the most disputed moves in the history of the squared circle! It’s totally him in this !”

Meanwhile, when cornered, just like when he’s not cornered, Dave O’Shea turned to Polldaddy. He passionately argued only Polldaddy could tell us who was the favourite Swannies’ Wrestler of all time.

The Head Honcho, the Big Cheese, Fabbo (see left), replied, “Ridiculous! How can Polldaddy sort out 40 Swannies? Gimme your top 5?”

That’s when O’Shea turned to the guy who joined the Swannies in 2009 as “just a beefy guy in purple trunks” who has since become the “chain wielding Doctor of Thugonomics” and Swannies’ Skipper, Dukesy (see left).

Dukesy’s Top 5 were: Harry, Midder Glenn, Kurt, Mr Powell and Fabbo.

“Ridiculous!” bellowed the Big Cheese. “How can you have Fabbo in there?” And so, the Big Cheese shunted Fabbo and replaced him with a choice every bit as controversial as the umpire himself, Rocket.

Unbelievable! There’s more scenes in this Swannies story than a wrestling script.

Take a breather. Grab a stiff cuppa. Let the heart rate drop. And then, read the five profiles below before voting on Polldaddy for your favourite Swannies’ Superstar wrestler of all time.

1. Harry

The Vietnam Swans already know full well that this lovable Canadian is a gifted competitor and a true showman. Whether he’s on the field competing, hanging out with his harem of women or starring in Vietnamese soap operas; the Swannies know that they are going to be entertained by Harry.

Who is your favourite Swannies’ Superstar Wrestler? Harry. Midder Glenn, Kurt, Mr Powell or Rocket?

2. Midder Glenn

“Stand Back – She’s Gunna Bloww!!”

He’s been called a renegade, a rebel, a mad scientist who changed the way the world sees Vung Tau. But there’s one word that best describes the man born Glen Nolan — HOOT!

3. Kurt

Man asks his wife, “Honey what’s that word you don’t want me to say?”

Wife replies, “All of them!”

When this superstar from New Zealand speaks or sends e-mails, it’s either going to be a fine or an award…

4. Mr Powell

At the Swannies, there are many Superstars who are larger than others, but Mr Powell has proven to be larger than life itself.

This man started living a dream in the ’70’s and, 40 years later, this dream has continued to flourish. He is now an outright superstar not only of the Vietnam Swans but also of South East Asia.

5. Rocket

Rocket just wants to do his job as a Swannies’ referee. It’s a shame that some Swanny Superstars like Bill Crang don’t always let that happen.

Rocket’s umpiring is just as controversial as his writing. This man is a metaphor machine. You only have to look as far as his review of the Saigon Scratchy Grand Final for some of the most controversial metaphors of all time:

  • ‘The Whites had their tails up like Arabs on a scavenger hunt.’
  • ‘Roscoe McRae getting more marks than the Pope in a catechism test.’

2 Responses to “Wrestling a Swannies’ Superstar from Polldaddy”

  1. said

    Finally someone’s gotten it right! Canadians are wrestling royalty … and the Hodge is the King of the Swans!

  2. Willy said

    sounds like you vietnam boys need to get to the ‘G’..

    Go You Swannies!!

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