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    December 28th, 2012
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The Yarrabah boy in the Swannies’ jumper

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 14, 2012

Last weekend, the Pyramid Power Football Club celebrated “International Day” in the neighbouring Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire by wearing footy jumpers from different clubs around the world. Including the Vietnam Swans.

Wes Hull, the man behind the idea of holding an International Day, has followed up with a short interview with “The Yarrabah Boy In The Swannies Jumper”

Name: Tyrese Bounghi

Age: 12.

School: Gordonvale State School.

Home: I call both Gordonvale and Yarrabah my homes.

How long have you been playing Australian Rules Football?  Three years.

How did you find out about footy? From my grandfather in Yarrabah who played a bit.

Who do you play for? My school team and Pyramid Power under 14’s in 2012.

What is your favourite position? I like playing in the midfield, but like to sneak forward and kick some goals.

Do you have a favourite team? No, just Pyramid Power.

Do you have a sporting hero? Not in AFL, but my hero is North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League player, Matty Bowen. He is my inspriration for indigenous players to make the big time.

Do you want to make the big time? Yes.

Can you do it? Yes, I can.

Had you heard of Vietnam before this? No, only what you (Wes Hull) told me.

Do you know where Vietnam is? No (Wes then showed Tyrese on a world map).

Are you surprised at the interest in you from another country? Yes.

Is there anything you want to say to the people in Vietnam? Hello and thanks very much.


Wes says that “Tyrese, his family and tha Yarrabah community are very excited (about the International Day and the footy jumpers from around the world) and see it as a great inspiration for kids in the town who do it tough for all sorts of reasons: racial, social, economic, health, opportunity and so on”.

The Vietnam Swans were delighted to offer a symbolic gesture of support to Pyramid Power’s International Day and indirectly, to Tyrese. The Vietnam Swans readily acknowledge that we have been great beneficiaries from acts of generosity by others including AFL Greats, Barry Cable and Gerard Neesham. Both of these people have done lots to support the aborigines’ cause so it is very fitting that the Swannies can now do something small to support Pyramid Power’s International Day.

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