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Day 4 of the Boxing Day Test Match, Melbourne

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 30, 2012

Left, Swannies and Melbourne FC players at the London Tavern on Day 4 of the Boxing Day Test Match. Right, Swannie, Mark Stennett in Sri Lanka finding out what happened to the Sri Lankans in the Boxing Day test match.

Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan cricket team was only good enough to last two and a half days of the 2012 Boxing Day Test match. This, of course, threw the Swannies’ plans of attending the fourth day’s play, yesterday, into turmoil.

However, we rebounded quickly and strongly and, at midday, headed to the London Tavern in Richmond, just a stone’s throw from the hallowed MCG.

The usual suspects from Melbourne were there: Willy, Nat Payne, Dave Hadley, Dez, Josh Little and Mick Garnham. Then we had some big guns from overseas: Rick and Jamie Gaffney (Tassie!), Danny Armstrong (China), Kev Dacey (PNG), Dave Kainey (Singapore) and from Vietnam, Billy Cranger (on his Australian Tour), Dan Hopkins and Phil Johns.

While the number of Swannies fell far short of what we would have pulled if there was still cricket on at the ‘G, it was still mega fun. And we also managed to bump into some players from the Melbourne Footy Club including former captain, Brad Green.

Meanwhile, the Swannies have sent our photographer, Mark Stennett over to Sri Lanka, dressed in Swannies retro t shirt and hat, to find out what the heck is going on with the country’s national cricket team. Above, Mark can be seen at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This may not be the temple’s real name but apparently it has Buddha’s tooth inside.

Coming up!

  • Kainey/Jeffery/Johns/Bruce win coveted Red Jacket at Swannies Annual Ryan Jeffery Golf Day. 23 golfers. Dan Hopkins and father win two rounds of golf at Montgomerie Links, Danang, Vietnam.
  • Celebration Soiree a mega hit with more than 40 attending. Stan Middleton wins $100 VIP Cabs voucher. Mark “Willy” Williams wins 2 nights’ accommodation at Novotel Nha Trang.


Whoever said that “Too much Swannies is never enough” can read the play like a newspaper.

3 Responses to “Day 4 of the Boxing Day Test Match, Melbourne”

  1. mj said

    While WIlly’s with you guys in Richmond, met one of his students kicking the footy in the middle of Hoi An’s wedding square at sunset – Who coached him, Willy? He’s able to use both feet!

    • Fabbo said

      Go you Swannies!!

    • Willy said

      one of the biggest things I miss about Vietnam MJ is wthout doubt coach’n all the young kiddies from all over the world Aus-kick on a Friday afternoon at H.I.S.

      there were a handful that were as good a kick of the Sherrin as you will see anywhere & my little mate Kristof even had his Dad (who was an international pilot) fly him from Hanoi to the MCG for a game!!!!

      and of course every little Aus-kicker knew all about the mighty Vietnam Swannies.

      Thanks mate.

      Go you Swannies!!

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