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Swannies strike alliance with Canberra’s Queanbeyan Tigers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 13, 2013

The Swannies have struck an alliance with the Queanbeyan Tigers from the North East Australian Football League.

The Vietnam Swans are delighted to announce the formation of an alliance with the who play in the .

(Coincidentally, the Queanbeyan Tigers play in the Eastern Conference with the Sydney Swans Reserves.)

The alliance calls for each club to promote each other where appropriate. Such promotion would typically occur on our respective websites as well as newsletters and articles.

General Manager of the Queanbeyan Tigers, Ron Fowlie said that the Tigers were “extremely pleased to have formed an alliance / affiliation with the Vietnam Swans and, through this association, both of our Clubs are hopeful of spreading our great game and indeed our respective Clubs to the many contacts involved with both organisations.”

Swans’ National President, Phil Johns, was in complete agreement:

“This is a significant development for the Vietnam Swans. We have long believed that playing footy in Asia does resonate with a growing number of people in Australia. This relationship with the Queanbeyan Tigers will greatly increase the exposure of our Club especially with key events such as the ANZAC Friendship Match, the Asian Champs, the East Asian Australian Football League and the AFL Masters’ second tour to Vietnam.

“In turn, the Vietnam Swans will be able to promote the Queanbeyan Tigers’ key activities to our growing network on our website and through our newsletters. Hopefully the Tiges will plan an end of season trip to Vietnam.”

The Queanbeyan Tigers are the third club to form an alliance with the Vietnam Swans. The other two clubs are the Southern Dragons (Melbourne) and Pyramid Power (Cairns) which gives us exposure in the three states on Australia’s east coast: Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

For further information:

One Response to “Swannies strike alliance with Canberra’s Queanbeyan Tigers”

  1. Darrell Egan said

    Good work Phil & the Vietnam Swans team, progressing Footy in Asia.

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