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    June 1st, 2013
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Blinder, new Aussie Rules movie, to premiere next month

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 15, 2013


On 7 March, a new Aussie Rules film, , will be released.

As the says, “Legendary actor Jack Thompson reprises his role as a football coach three decades after The Club, in new film Blinder which explores our country’s love affair with the greatest sport in the world.

“Shot around Torquay in Victoria (Ed’s note; Torquay is home of one of the Swannies’ most celebrated former captains, Monkey), Victoria, the story follows an ex-footballer who, embracing the life lessons his coach once taught him, reignites an old flame after a long absence away from his home town.

“There’s nothing more tightly-knit than a small town footy club. So when a scandal blows apart the Torquay Tigers, lives are thrown into chaos. After ten years away, one-time Torquay legend Tom Dunn (Ackland) returns to face his demons and pull the club back together. To reunite their team and rebuild their lives Tom and his mates will have to dig deep, face up to past mistakes and rekindle their love of football. After everything is done and dusted, it’s not about giving your best, it’s about doing your best.

“Directed by Richard Gray (Summer Coda, Mine Games), written by Scott Didier and co-written by Richard and Michele Gray, the film is produced by the three as well as AFL greats Glenn Archer, Adrian Gleeson and Sam Kekovich. Producing credits also go to Virginia Kay and US based Chris Lemole and Mike Gillespie.”

Interestingly, Glenn Archer is the son of a Vietnam Veteran and attended the ANZAC Dawn Service at the Long Tan Cross with his father in 2009.

Watch out for Blinder!

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