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Elgar Park Dragons finish the season

Posted by hanoiswans on August 8th, 2007

With all the excitement of the Asian Champs and the unification of  an Australian Rules Footy team in Vietnam, the Swans Blog has unwittingly and regretfully got behind with what our Vietnamese cousins are getting up to back in Australia.

A quick check of their website reveals that they may have already finished the season. Up to 14 July - when we were in Bangkok for the Champs - the had won 7 from 12 with another two matches to go (click on the side thumbnail for full results).

The website doesn’t seem to mention the results of the last two games or the ladder and nor does it seem to mention wild celebrations.

Not normally a betting man, I’m tipping that that’s not a good sign for their last two matches or their finals hopes and dreams.

However, as the Vietnam Swans know only too well, setting up a team and a Club can be difficult. Notwithstanding all those initial difficulties, it seems like the Elgar Park Dragons have put up a genuinely stunning performance in their first year. The future would seem very bright for them.

Congratulations to the Dragons.

2 Responses to “Elgar Park Dragons finish the season”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for the coverage. We made it to the first round (top 4 finish) of the finals and bowed out to the eventual runnders up.

    Vuong Do

  2. Phil Johns Says:

    Hi Vuong

    Congratulations to the Dragons on your first season. Sounds like it was a great debut.

    Good luck to the Dragons and Box Hill North in the Narita Cup over in Japan next month.

    The Vietnam Swans had been hoping that we may be able to send a representative to join you, but it is not to be.

    Phil Johns
    Vietnam Swans

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